Why you shouldn’t get advice from your friends…

“Ok I know what I need to do,” my friend said as he walked through the front door on a crisp Sunday morning. I was eating a bowl of cheerios and turned around wondering what in the world he was talking about. “Alright, so check this out! I talked to John and he said that he heard if I text her on a Monday after 4pm, then follow up with XYZ, but watch out for ABC, she may text me … Continue reading

5 signs your ex wants you back, but should you do anything?

Tell me. Has this ever happened to you? You wake up in the middle of the night, roll over, check your phone and see this: No Caller ID? That must be your ex, right? You are filled with excitement. You believe they want you back. You are ecstatic. You have hope. YOU ARE LOVING LIFE. Your inner voice starts to say, “What do they want? Why did they call? I knew they would call.” You go to work/school thrilled that … Continue reading

How to Deal with False Claims of Domestic Violence

If your relationship begins to turn bitter and your significant other starts to act in a way that leads you to believe that they will file false domestic abuse charges against you, it is time to take notice. Domestic violence is a serious crime that can do severe damage to your reputation. Like any false claim against you, just because YOU know you are innocent doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed your freedom. The experts at Canterbury Law Group offer … Continue reading

The “Hey” text

You just broke up 3 days ago. You are getting all kinds of mixed signals. You want your ex back but their actions don’t seem to be matching their words. Then. They hit you with the “Hey” text out of nowhere. WTF? What does that even mean??? Here’s what I would do. IGNORE. This is what we call: breadcrumbs Your ex is just fishing to see if they still got you. They are checking to see if you still reply … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t date after a breakup?

It’s Friday night. The sun’s been down for hours. You don’t want to go out because you don’t have much energy and lost the desire of doing anything really. So you download a couple dating apps, get a cold beer from the fridge and figure this might be a good way to get distracted. You match with a few people and begin to feel good. Maybe you will meet someone that can distract you from your ex. Eventually you decide … Continue reading

Get your ex back app

Back in early 2013 I had just successfully gotten back together with my ex and gained some notoriety amongst my friends as someone that has rekindled his love. Something many of them hadn’t done before. At one point, two of my other friends came to me for advice with their breakup. Being a good friend (duh), I offered to help, but I soon noticed a pattern. They were both asking me pretty much identical questions. “What if she doesn’t text … Continue reading

Tips For Men About Dating

Dating has always been and will continue to be a complicated process. Where should you go for your date? What should you wear? Who should pay for the date? These are all good questions but can be very confusing. Here are some great tips for men by Natasha Dating Site that women have brought forward.   First Impressions Are Extremely Important: Women expect you to look your best when taking her out on the town. Being well groomed, clean and … Continue reading

The secret to making a long distance relationship work

Ok, let me be brutally honest here. Without compromise your attempt at a long distance relationship (LDR) will fail. The real secret to making a LDR work is by learning to lose some battles and being OK with that. After having done a long distance relationship for a number of years in the past, I’ve come to the conclusion that although it is possible, there are a few adjustments and realizations you need to make in order for it to … Continue reading

Her Checklist for the First Date

First dates come with both anxiety and excitement. You’re excited to meet a new person. Even if you aren’t sure if the connection will lead to a long-term relationship, you value opportunities to expand your social circle. However, before you leave the house, make sure you are prepared with the following to ensure a successful evening. Your Personality On first dates, people often try to act in ways that they normally don’t, which just creates a false impression of their … Continue reading