Insecure Women

A woman that is insecure is a woman that is not confident, uncertain and anxious. I believe that insecurity stems from lack of trust. The bible says “Don’t be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds.” If you trust God, you won’t be anxious, instead you’d pray and trust in God that everything will turn out ok. … Continue reading

Guest Post: Tips for Starting Your Marriage Off the Right Way

While being a newlywed can be the most blissful time in your blossoming partnership, every couple must make sure they start off on the right foot to ensure a continual, prosperous relationship. In order to effective merge your lives together, it requires a collaborative effort of planning and organizing of each other’s ideals and future plans either before or right after the wedding day. Below are some tips to help make sure your marriage starts and continues in the right … Continue reading

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An Android sex performance app is essential to conducting man business. Actually, you need more than one fun, free adult Android app to master every angle, to really grow and penetrate new markets. And as with any well-managed business, measurement is key. We sifted through dozens of Android adult apps to find our Top 5 contenders. (To be fair, we excluded our own FREE Sex Speed and Score App from the competition.) You can download all these sex apps free … Continue reading

A Real Man

 To all my men and women bold enough to love: A real man holds her hand Hugs her tight and makes her warm All through the night A real man loves his wife Respects her and holds her For all of his life A woman is a real man’s crown He wears her love with pride, And never brings her down A real man will take a bow give her a ring and keep his vows A real man knows … Continue reading

Sponsored Post:Top five reasons to try adult dating sites

Top five reasons to try adult dating sites. Free sex dating sites could be the answer to meeting ALL your needs You have probably seen the rise in sites such as, and may have used one yourself, but it can be overwhelming whe you first start out, so to make it easier for you and to show you adult dating sites could be the answer to meeting all of your needs, read on as we give you the top … Continue reading

Guest Post: Why you, must take care of your Image?

We all work hard on maintaining ourselves at the beginning of a relationship or when we are searching for a person to start a relationship with. It is very important for you to maintain your physical appearance even after you have gotten into a relationship with another person. Most people straight away focus on their stomachs when it comes to appearance as they feel that it is the most unattractive part of their body. We all want flatter stomachs, smaller … Continue reading

Love scares

Nightmares and love scares My heart hurts when your not there I hate myself for not letting you go We should have ended a long time ago I feel alone and unloved It’s been a while since I’ve been hugged Being with you and feeling single Staying loyal while you mingle I hate myself for not letting you go We should have ended a long time ago An empty heart that you can’t fill  No faith in love, this can’t be real … Continue reading

5 Issues That Can Affect Relationships

Entering into a relationship is something that nobody takes for granted and for others, it is a situation that is alien and actually takes a great deal of work to pursue. However, no relationship is perfect and there will always be reasons why couples fall out. The key is to understand that indifferences in relationships are par for the course and that mutual understanding is often the only solution. That said; let’s have a look at five common relationship issues … Continue reading

This Animated Video Shows the Wild Economics of Sex

The news: Have you ever wondered what sex is really worth? Here’s an interesting video done by The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture which discusses the economics of sex. The video highlights research they’ve compiled from various social scientists, and animates them into a lively and accessible 10-minute short. The video seeks to explain how sexual relationships function as their own “supply and demand” economy. Check it out Below: ) Just to add, a friend of … Continue reading

How to get Married

Recently I’ve been struggling with the notion of marriage. The pressure is heavily upon me and I need to know how to approach my situation. After several talks with friends, family and people that surround me, I’ve noticed two resounding themes to approach marriage, the passive way and the aggressive way. The aggressive approach to marriage: People who believe this concept, men and women alike, believe that men won’t get married unless they are pressured into doing so. They say … Continue reading