That Day May Never Come

Dreaming of a wedding or the day I’ll be a mother That blessed day I’ll give your son a brother Dreaming of the day that we’ll be living all together Happy as can be where the grass seems to be better. Dreaming of the day that you’ll kiss me every night That blessed day that you take me as a wife Dreaming of the day that our lives will reunite with love that can’t be broken by envy, hate or … Continue reading

Guest Post: I Can’t Stand Him

I Can’t Stand Him Most Of The Time The Way He Calls My name Makes A Seeing Girl-Go Blind He protects In His Own Way Loves The Way-He Knows How Honors With Pride And Dignity Will Never Raise His Hand To Hit me Says “I love you baby” At Least 30 Times A Day Every Time I Look Up He Sending-Flirts My Way Takes Care Of My Liver, Kidney, Appendix Too Lays It Down Like A Rug On The Floor … Continue reading

I’m Not Going Back

I know he realized That he made the wrong decision But when that man left ‘Letting go’ was my mission. I put an end to my tears And I conquered my fears I’m not going back ‘Cuz now I am here: Stronger and wiser than ever before The Lord has provided me an open door My faith is in God, and not in no man. When these men failed me, to my God I ran. These men don’t impress me … Continue reading


I’m Chosen to bare this cross Weighing down on my chest Is the guilt of the love loss I’m Chosen to bare this cross My eyes have swollen shut And my appetite is lost I’m Chosen to bare this cross Sleep has lost its essence Tears at work become my boss I’m Chosen to bare this cross Scorn by deep deception ‘Cause my love he chose to toss I’m Chosen to bare this cross Severed broken promises That he swore … Continue reading

Does it matter if it’s real or fake?

It’s been a while since I wrote something but I’m back with an interesting topic that seems to get more popular as the days go by. The topic I chose to discuss is plastic surgery. We live in a culture where youth and beauty are prized. People are no longer afraid to go under the knife in order to gain certain advantages. The way we look has always had a huge impact in the way we are perceived, and this … Continue reading


I couldn’t think, I couldn’t eat I couldn’t work, I couldn’t sleep When I drank, my tears would seep through my face, my hurt is deep. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t smile I haven’t laughed in quite while The night you left I ran a mile My grieving process skipped denial Thoughts of you now make me sick You chose to leave and my love dismiss Rejected me for another chick I hurt you bad, but not like this Thoughts … Continue reading


The Brilliance in me can illuminate the world ‘Cause The Creator of the universe resides in my soul And therefore I know that I am one special girl Men need not tell me this truism I know I’m Gorgeous enough to make ALL these men blush By the Lord I was skillfully and beautifully made I’m a heir with God, call us royal flush The splendor I’ve been given is not meant to fade I’m Fearless enough to make mountains … Continue reading

True Love

In 4 months I’ve cried more that I’ve ever cried in years….. But the triumph of my poetry is stronger than my tears….. Love is like a home… No matter how far you go You can always come back And the love you had there Will love you right back Love is like a home… When you make a mistake Away you may run But you can always come back Like a prodigal son Love is like a home… It … Continue reading

NOT The Kind of Man

Fancy clothes and hot kicks Stays boo’d up with side chicks The kind of women that he picks Stay with him when he tricks Pretty boy with gold chains, Designer clothes & brand names. Not one cent to his name, No damn sense, he won’t change. He stays in the party scene With mad girls, but no queen. He doesn’t take them seriously, He uses them vicariously. There’s no purpose in his soul He breaks hearts-he’s so cold! He gives … Continue reading

Sponsored Post: “How to Get Any Man to Beg For Your Love With 1 Simple Method”

Are you suffering from crazy past relationships? Are there times you feel lonely? Do you feel that you will never find true love? A broken heart hits you where it hurts most. It can affect you physically and mentally. Millions of women across the world suffer from heartbreaking breakups, and are stuck on how to begin finding true love again. Everyday you go without having a companion can lead to a life of unhappiness and misery. Over time this can … Continue reading