Her Checklist for the First Date

First dates come with both anxiety and excitement. You’re excited to meet a new person. Even if you aren’t sure if the connection will lead to a long-term relationship, you value opportunities to expand your social circle. However, before you leave the house, make sure you are prepared with the following to ensure a successful evening. Your Personality On first dates, people often try to act in ways that they normally don’t, which just creates a false impression of their … Continue reading

How to deal with her seeing someone else

Oh… Believe me. I know this feeling. You can’t eat, sleep or function throughout your day and the thought of them being intimate with someone else is agonizing. The good news: you aren’t alone. Others have gone through the exact same feeling you are having and have come out alive. There’s nothing special about your relationship that means you can’t come out of this either. You will not die. Just hang tight and read on. First, realize that whoever they … Continue reading

4 Most Common Reasons for a Breakup

Love is in the air. Sometimes it abruptly disappears into thin air. Not every couple can explain what happen to their passion and where everything started to go wrong. A breakup is something no one ever liked but it eventually becomes the only possible solution to move on. So don’t be distressed and just live through this. With the help of our gorgeous friends from Brides Stars, we have gathered four most common reasons for a breakup. Some of them … Continue reading

The days for traditional weddings are numbered

According to a survey among 500 engaged couples in the UK, the traditional weddings are becoming less and less popular and if the trend continues, might be totally out of our minds very soon. My Voucher Codes asked 500 couples the question “Would you like to have a traditional white wedding?” The results reveal that only 20 percent of them would actually like a white wedding while 44% definitely don’t want a traditional white wedding. So why have the traditional … Continue reading

What Modern Girls Really Look for in Men

Love and family are the greatest values of our life. People seek each other, and sometimes it takes much time to find the one that fits you perfectly. We asked our gorgeous friends from Romance Compass – online ukrainian dating site about what kind of features they look for in men. Clearly, you should not adapt yourself to this list, but it might help you become more attractive to women. 1. Maturity. If a girl seeks a long-term relationship, she … Continue reading

Four Stereotypical Female Characters that Do Not Actually Exist…

From scratch, you can remember numerous stereotypical characteristics of girls. Some of them are related to actual females, others just exaggerate prototypical qualities. Pop culture has created lots and lots of female characters that have no connection to the real world. Somehow, most of them have found their place in our minds. Our gorgeous friends from Ukrainian Dating Site Jump4Love.com helped us formulate the most common female characters that do not exist in a pure form. 1. Regina Johns, or … Continue reading

If you want to get your ex back…

If you want to get your ex back, pretend they are your coworker. Whatever you are doing. Stop. Put the phone down. Stop asking your friends for advice. Get off social media. Cool? Cool. Glad we got the basics out of the way. Phew. To get your ex back, you have to do the opposite of what you really want to do. The secret sauce to getting your ex back is a attitude with a combination of standoffish and pleasant. … Continue reading

Top 10 First Date Ideas

Is there anything sweeter than a first date tremble? You know, the one that goes after you through the whole evening? I cannot imagine something better! I went on many first dates; frankly speaking, most of them turned out to be a total disaster. Boys would often choose odd activities to surprise a girl (the one that invited me to a paleontology lecture was quite inventive, but, oh Lord, I did my best not to fall asleep), some of them … Continue reading

What a Special Day…

A toast to this special day and the perfect bottle to toast it with, Armand de Brignac (“ace of spades”). What a special day it is. Something about this day makes it worthwhile to want to write about. For those wondering what makes this day special, let me explain. Today is the day a lot of you woke up this morning, the day you woke up next to your love one(s) and the day you celebrate your Birthday. A special … Continue reading

Can Men and Women really be friends?…

Below is a short clip on Steve Harvey’s opinion about men and women being friends…Interesting