Like a Queen

My father raised me like a princess So I grew up to be a queen His hugs and kisses were in excess I was the spotlight of his dream He poured his soul into my heart He told me I make him proud Because of him I’m really smart And in him true love I found He taught me to be ambitious Hard work is what we do Not an ounce of us malicious We do right and follow rules … Continue reading

Guest Post: And the Wife Said…

It’s not the same This luv game Over the years The title change From wife to dame Had another verbal fight Guess we alright Love’s getting stale Not natural anymore Feeling like a rusty nail I’m getting strong Cuz I took my heart off my sleeve And put it in my hand Pray more often than not When the storms come I just said Not running to the court this time To file for the big “D” Gonna stick it … Continue reading

He is…pt 2

He cooks me dinner He makes me smile When work is done We blow a Mild He plays Sade The jazz I like We chill all day And play like Mike He rubs my back He pulls my hair And in the morning His love is there My eyes awaken To his presence With eggs and bacon He serves me breakfast He’s a storyteller Through rhymes and raps With love so stellar My heart he traps He opens doors His … Continue reading

He’s Back…

He’s Back He’s back from a place where darkness exist Where selfishness and self-centeredness was things that couldn’t be replaced Where Love was only a word and lust did all work He’s Back He’s back from the place where hurting people was a trait Where GOD didn’t exist and the devil was his ace Where he treated the one he loved with no faith to make it straight but only provide lots of hate He’s Back He’s back to claim … Continue reading

He Is

I am tan like the wheat He’s brown like the cinnamon We may not look a like But inside we are like synonyms I am so poetic And I like the way he writes Our attraction is magnetic Our chemistry puts out lights We never put up fights Our conversations go all night He says that he might wife He ain’t lie, I think he might! His skin is like 3 canvases His body a work of art He never … Continue reading

That Day May Never Come

Dreaming of a wedding or the day I’ll be a mother That blessed day I’ll give your son a brother Dreaming of the day that we’ll be living all together Happy as can be where the grass seems to be better. Dreaming of the day that you’ll kiss me every night That blessed day that you take me as a wife Dreaming of the day that our lives will reunite with love that can’t be broken by envy, hate or … Continue reading

Guest Post: I Can’t Stand Him

I Can’t Stand Him Most Of The Time The Way He Calls My name Makes A Seeing Girl-Go Blind He protects In His Own Way Loves The Way-He Knows How Honors With Pride And Dignity Will Never Raise His Hand To Hit me Says “I love you baby” At Least 30 Times A Day Every Time I Look Up He Sending-Flirts My Way Takes Care Of My Liver, Kidney, Appendix Too Lays It Down Like A Rug On The Floor … Continue reading

I’m Not Going Back

I know he realized That he made the wrong decision But when that man left ‘Letting go’ was my mission. I put an end to my tears And I conquered my fears I’m not going back ‘Cuz now I am here: Stronger and wiser than ever before The Lord has provided me an open door My faith is in God, and not in no man. When these men failed me, to my God I ran. These men don’t impress me … Continue reading


I’m Chosen to bare this cross Weighing down on my chest Is the guilt of the love loss I’m Chosen to bare this cross My eyes have swollen shut And my appetite is lost I’m Chosen to bare this cross Sleep has lost its essence Tears at work become my boss I’m Chosen to bare this cross Scorn by deep deception ‘Cause my love he chose to toss I’m Chosen to bare this cross Severed broken promises That he swore … Continue reading

Does it matter if it’s real or fake?

It’s been a while since I wrote something but I’m back with an interesting topic that seems to get more popular as the days go by. The topic I chose to discuss is plastic surgery. We live in a culture where youth and beauty are prized. People are no longer afraid to go under the knife in order to gain certain advantages. The way we look has always had a huge impact in the way we are perceived, and this … Continue reading