NOT The Kind of Man

Fancy clothes and hot kicks Stays boo’d up with side chicks The kind of women that he picks Stay with him when he tricks Pretty boy with gold chains, Designer clothes & brand names. Not one cent to his name, No damn sense, he won’t change. He stays in the party scene With mad girls, but no queen. He doesn’t take them seriously, He uses them vicariously. There’s no purpose in his soul He breaks hearts-he’s so cold! He gives … Continue reading

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Are you suffering from crazy past relationships? Are there times you feel lonely? Do you feel that you will never find true love? A broken heart hits you where it hurts most. It can affect you physically and mentally. Millions of women across the world suffer from heartbreaking breakups, and are stuck on how to begin finding true love again. Everyday you go without having a companion can lead to a life of unhappiness and misery. Over time this can … Continue reading

I’ll Take You as You Are

I don’t care what people say I’ll take you as you are Since we met, that very day You’ve been my sun, moon, and star You don’t have to change to impress me Your love is all I need Be who you are to impress me Cuz you are all I need No one can replace you No one ever did No one can erase you I can’t wait to have your kid We make mistakes We live, we learn … Continue reading

I am the Shit

I define myself, And I am the shit The hell with all the men That don’t recognize it I’m beautiful and smart Goal driven and ambitious I have a caring heart And I’m funny and courageous I may fail, but I don’t give up I may be shy, but I will speak up You may knock me down, but I will get up I am a force, the Lord backs me up! Two hearts I have broken ‘Cuz my standards … Continue reading


I dont wanna be another Babymother To have casual sex Without a rubber I dont wanna be another Babymother Being a sex partner undercover I don’t wanna be another Baby mother Laying up with a man Who loves another I don’t wanna be another Babymother Bring a child to the world If we’re not together I don’t wanna be another Babymother And be another stat For people of color I don’t wanna be another Babymother Bitter, angry soul Alone to … Continue reading

In Love

I’m going to marry the man of my dreams The same guy who lifts my self esteem Who treats me like a queen I’m in love and I finally know what that means! His love is pristine, Unmatched or copied. He is the love of my life and I’d be so proud to be his wife! I have no guards up, no walls or fences. I finally came to my senses: My love is so strong, It needs no defenses! … Continue reading

For You I Will

In the ocean I’ll dive for you In the desert I’ll strive for you Over mountains I’ll climb for you I’ll wait any time for you I’ll reach to the sky for you River tears I’ll cry for you This fire won’t die for you Name the price, I’ll buy for you! Every battle I’ll fight for you Lay my body-I might for you Every bullet I’ll bite for you Get the picture? My life’s for you! Every poem I’ll … Continue reading

This Rap Freestyle Is For Women Who Are More Than T & A

Nicki Minaj recently released a song titled, “Only” ft. Lil Wayne and Drake. It’s a funny song where they take turns talking about how they don’t screw around with each other. Drake and Lil Wayne both talk about not having sex with Nicki, while Nicki talks about not having sex with either of them. “Only” is full of good-humored banter between labelmates. But in my version of the song, there’s no joking around. After listening to “Only” for a couple … Continue reading

Review Post: Free Dating America Online Dating Review

Online dating attracts millions of single people in hopes of solving the mystery of romantic chemistry that eludes most people in their life-times. One of the main draw cards that attracts an online dater is the theory that an Internet dating site will make finding a love match simple. Those people who adopt this attitude usually walk away disappointed and despondent with what they assumed would be a walk in the park. The motto behind online dating is simple, you … Continue reading

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Online dating has developed the way we meet up new and interesting people. Some men get it harder to meet quality women through online dating then through traditional sources even as others seem to get all the girls. Today I wanted to put together a list of the ten biggest mistakes to avoid with your profile online daters, This post share by 1. Not uploading a photo profile Without uploading a photo, you aren’t going to get a women … Continue reading