For You I Will

In the ocean I’ll dive for you In the desert I’ll strive for you Over mountains I’ll climb for you I’ll wait any time for you I’ll reach to the sky for you River tears I’ll cry for you This fire won’t die for you Name the price, I’ll buy for you! Every battle I’ll fight for you Lay my body-I might for you Every bullet I’ll bite for you Get the picture? My life’s for you! Every poem I’ll … Continue reading

This Rap Freestyle Is For Women Who Are More Than T & A

Nicki Minaj recently released a song titled, “Only” ft. Lil Wayne and Drake. It’s a funny song where they take turns talking about how they don’t screw around with each other. Drake and Lil Wayne both talk about not having sex with Nicki, while Nicki talks about not having sex with either of them. “Only” is full of good-humored banter between labelmates. But in my version of the song, there’s no joking around. After listening to “Only” for a couple … Continue reading

Review Post: Free Dating America Online Dating Review

Online dating attracts millions of single people in hopes of solving the mystery of romantic chemistry that eludes most people in their life-times. One of the main draw cards that attracts an online dater is the theory that an Internet dating site will make finding a love match simple. Those people who adopt this attitude usually walk away disappointed and despondent with what they assumed would be a walk in the park. The motto behind online dating is simple, you … Continue reading

Sponsored Post: Avoid Mistakes While Making Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating has developed the way we meet up new and interesting people. Some men get it harder to meet quality women through online dating then through traditional sources even as others seem to get all the girls. Today I wanted to put together a list of the ten biggest mistakes to avoid with your profile online daters, This post share by 1. Not uploading a photo profile Without uploading a photo, you aren’t going to get a women … Continue reading

Relationships in a Man’s World

“He doesn’t want to make me a wife, But he wants me to have his baby. He wants me to give up my whole life Without him honoring me with a wedding.” Men these days, I just don’t get them. They want to date for years and years without having to indefinitely commit to a woman with vows of love. Is the price of a ring that much? Is getting on one knee that difficult? Or is til death do … Continue reading

Guest Post: Office Romance, Yes or not?

Office romances used to be strictly forbidden. There were company regulations, which explicitly stated that dating a coworker is a taboo. Even though such companies still exist, generally office romances are not considered a reason for dismissal any more. Of course, there are companies, even in the United States, Europe and in many other worldwide countries, which still ban office romances. However, the trickiest part is when office romances are not formally banned but are informally unacceptable. Unfortunately, there are … Continue reading


The man of my dreams Resembles the sea Beautiful and strong and loves passionately With lips that kiss my body like the sun Cupid don’t miss When you find me The One His ears, he lends He listens and cares He’s more than a friend One heart we share His hands, to touch me in every way He’s passionate and thoughtful He knows what to say My thoughts he knows Before I even speak The Lord he seeks And his … Continue reading

Sponsored Review: Free Dating Australia

The following review comes from one of Australia’s largest free dating websites, and boasts more than 1,300 visitors daily. Competing against some of the biggest dating brands in the world, Free Dating Australia has become a trusted and reputable source within the internet dating space. * Launch date: 01/05/2013. * More than 5000 members. * Male/Female ratio: 60/40. * Reach: Australian based online dating site. * 100% free. * Demographics: 18-40 years age group: 71% – 40 plus years age … Continue reading

Lonely and Scared

“Lonely and scared,” uttered the lips of an innocent child. A child untouched by tribulations of life inexperienced with lost, hurt and strife, but familiar with the feelings adults endure more rife No burden has he bared No grief as compared to divorce, cheat and death but to a certain depth has felt lonely and scared. even though I was always there The need for company, comradery, love and loyalty is a natural part of human life. intimacy versus isolation, the … Continue reading


A few years ago I made a mistake I got involved with a man Who caused my heartbreak He cheated, he lied He played with my mind He flirted with woman “because he’s a nice guy.” He never flaunted our pics Just to hide shit from chicks But made excuses for it -he’s full of shit. Any man would take pride In my beautiful eyes, My smile and my thighs But any pictures with me, This guy would hide!?! So … Continue reading