Lonely and Scared

“Lonely and scared,” uttered the lips of an innocent child. A child untouched by tribulations of life inexperienced with lost, hurt and strife, but familiar with the feelings adults endure more rife No burden has he bared No grief as compared to divorce, cheat and death but to a certain depth has felt lonely and scared. even though I was always there The need for company, comradery, love and loyalty is a natural part of human life. intimacy versus isolation, the … Continue reading


A few years ago I made a mistake I got involved with a man Who caused my heartbreak He cheated, he lied He played with my mind He flirted with woman “because he’s a nice guy.” He never flaunted our pics Just to hide shit from chicks But made excuses for it -he’s full of shit. Any man would take pride In my beautiful eyes, My smile and my thighs But any pictures with me, This guy would hide!?! So … Continue reading

The Pressure To Marry and Have Kids…

Ever get the sense that your family or friends are pressuring you to either get married or have children? There’s no denying the pressure many women and men face to get married and have kids, especially when they hit their late 20s and early 30s. After having numerous conversations with different people, it’s seems as though females get pressured more than their male counterparts. It’s like your biological clock isn’t determined by genetics as much as it is your parent’s … Continue reading

I Can’t Wait For a Man

I can’t wait for a man to buy me a home I can rent an apartment and live on my own! I can’t wait for a man to get on one knee I can buy myself a two carat ring I can’t wait for a man to decide to propose ’cause uncertainty and doubts hold him back, I suppose I can’t wait for a man to figure out that he’s sure There’s more fish in the sea I can bring … Continue reading

Cold World

What does not kill me Can only make me stronger Better yet, will make me colder. Wonder why I give you the cold shoulder? ’Fuck it’ mentality as I get older And I say it with pride now Damn right I’m bolder Good girl is gone You can’t hold her Life trials mold her A wise man told her Only the strong survive Now she’s stronger ‘Fuck off’ on her forehead Don’t approach her No one to coach her So she lost the … Continue reading

Find Your Soulmate in Your Ethnic Group! But Why?

Find Your Soulmate in Your Ethnic Group! But Why? We live in digital age; everything is getting more online every second. Today more couples are meeting on the Internet and living happily ever after; people who belong to certain ethnicities meet their spouses online than offline. In my opinion, meeting online in a safe dating website is same and even better than meeting in a local bar or a famous nightclub in your area. We can understand why online dating … Continue reading


Hellocheri.com We recently came across this new brand of adult accessories for your love life. And we were lucky enough to receive one of their Love Boxes. Hellocheri.com has a large offering of tasteful and affordable toys and accessories. They feature sex toys, massage collections, intimate lubricants, bondage accessories and books. Whether you’re just fond of romantic massage sessions with your partner, or you want to experiment with a new toy, Hello Cheri provides tips on how to try out … Continue reading

Guest Post: 4 Ways to Engage Your Man

If you plan on becoming more engaged with your man, know that it doesn’t have to be all about the bedroom. It is about the romance and the joy of being with each other. So we’ve come up with some activity suggestions that can get you both involved and that you can both enjoy. Not only will it bring you closer together, but you can really get to know one another and who knows you may learn a thing or … Continue reading

The Three Hidden Messages Of A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

This article is the second installment of my Behind The Music series. In each post of the series, I give insights into what I was thinking before, during and/or after the creation of one of my songs. In the first installment, I gave some background thoughts on “Don’t Worry,” the intro song on Transcenders, the album. In this article, I’ll move forward to give you some insight to “Still Love You,” the second song on Transcenders. In thinking about the experience … Continue reading

Prince Charming

I’ve been waiting for you to walk miles to see me I’ve been waiting to exchange smiles when our eyes meet I’ve been waiting for you to sweep me off my feet Hold my hand and pull my seat Open my door and kiss my cheek I’ve been waiting for you to impress me With your sincere love, profess me! I’ve been waiting for you, my one and only Without you my nights and days are quite lonely My love … Continue reading