What a Special Day…

A toast to this special day and the perfect bottle to toast it with, Armand de Brignac (“ace of spades”). What a special day it is. Something about this day makes it worthwhile to want to write about. For those wondering what makes this day special, let me explain. Today is the day a lot of you woke up this morning, the day you woke up next to your love one(s) and the day you celebrate your Birthday. A special day to care, to admire the bright atmosphere, to find a heart your joys you would share, to tell her you love her dear and any hate in you is rare.

Special days doesn’t come along very often, so why not have more special days in order to give yourself reasons to be happy, write and do special things. I wrote this hoping that each and every reader feel special and make others feel special. I wrote this because I know one day she will read this and know how special she is. I wrote this to hopefully put smiles in many faces with the hopes of spreading those smiles to others. So again, happy special day to everyone!

Always remember that this bottle of “Ace of Spades” is still here to be shared with you, that special person. I didn’t forget your special day. One day we will toast and I will continue to tell you how special you are. Enjoy your special day. I wish you many more, I wish you love, happiness and continued blessings!

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