Ways to tell that he’s just not really digging you…

I’m sure most of us have seen the movie or read things related to this topic, but I’m here to summarize it even more from my perspective. I want to give you ladies out there a better understanding when he’s just not really digging you like you may think he is, sort of like a guide you should go by. I came up with a list of five signs that will help you detect or recognize signs that he’s just not into you so you won’t be wasting your valuable time.

This is should the easiest one to recognize, does he even call you? Or his only form of communication is through text messaging right? And lets hope he is not hitting you with the “I don’t have minutes”, cause trust me if he was into you, his minutes wouldn’t be a problem. How can you guys ever get to know each other or have a good conversation without speaking on the phone? Call him and see if he answers, and if he does let’s see how long the conversation will last.

Try to figure out his motive, is he already letting you know he doesn’t want to be in a relationship? Find out his reasons why, if he say things like “I want to focus on myself” or  “I don’t want to ruin a good friendship” (mind you, you guys don’t have a good friendship yet) then he’s not really digging you. If he was digging you, he would move rapidly, he would begin to set rules and have future plans for you guys. But if there is no future plans then there in probably no future relationship, Sorry.

Is he really trying to go out with you? I mean think about it, how many times has he tried to set up a date with you? I’m not talking about him inviting himself to your house or inviting you to his, I mean out to like a casual dinner/movie or whatever the case, and is he being creative with the planning? Creativity is important ladies, remember that. If not, then he really doesn’t want to spend quality time (QT) with you because that will force him to really try to get to know you and he doesn’t want to get to know you…

Have you met any of his closest friends? And if you have, did you kind of run into them or did he purposely wanted you to meet them? If you haven’t met his closest friends yet and he is not trying to introduce you or bring you around his friends, it simply means you won’t be around that long. If he was really into you he would definitely bring you around his friends, it’s kind of like welcoming you to his circle/group/posse/gang, you get the point and he does that because he is really digging you.

Is he still messing with other girls? well you probably wouldn’t know this, but ask him how would he feel if you decided to talk to other guys, pay attention to his response, his response should basically tell you if he is into you or not. If he was really digging you, it would definitely bother him if you decided to speak to other guys, because at this point he should look at you like you’re his property/prize possession/his belonging, or whatever.

To conclude, Ladies…come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if he is indeed digging you or not. Just be more observant of his behaviors and you should know in a matter of weeks. To all the fellas out there, I’m just helping you out so you can avoid all the future headaches…

Marckens P.

7 Responses to Ways to tell that he’s just not really digging you…

  1. I agree but then also it leaves me at a blank . What if all the above has happen but then six months into it he flips the script? Was the above statements a facade on his part? And if so why?


  2. @ fontaine, my question to you would be why would you have him around for 6months if he’s not really digging you? he prob flip the script for many reasons; his main squeeze is not in the picture no more, maybe he realizes that what he got is a good “catch”, …etc. and if he does change in six months and your still in the picture, i guess he is digging you know and it’s up to you whether or not you’re digging him too….

  3. Reason why I stayed around for the six months is because things were good. If I felt used in the beginning I would have definitely left. But this wasn’t the case! As you stated above: Does he even call you? Yup but txt a lot and even saw each other more. Is he already letting you know he doesn’t want to be in a relationship? Now this was a mutual decision from the jump “No Relationship”. Is he really trying to go out with you? Yes! Have you met any of his closest friends? Yes Yes & Yes (including family)! Is he still messing with other girls? At that time (the six months) No! Did we talk future? Yessssss, but to a limit. So your right it doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to figure “He’s Just Not That Into You” but clearly there was a misunderstanding somewhere. So how would the above statements fit this situation? Did he just lose interest? Maybe?!? But due to his lack of interest we are no longer kicking it but he asked if we could keep our friendship platonic… Why though?

    ~Still Confused~

  4. @ fontaine… he definitely found someone else that is putting pressure on him to be exclusive to her and only her. … he wants to stay friends with you so that he doesnt feel guilty about leaving you high and dry… dont be confused it’s pretty simple.. if things has change then he is no longer into you.. move on the next (on on to the next) one…

  5. just to piggyback fontaine, yes obviously he was feeling you and you guys had good communication on the type of relationship you guys had. but i guess it’s a bit different now, maybe he found someone else like rey said or he is interested in someone else and he is preparing to make his big jump at her and he doesn’t want any high hurdles along the way…#imjustsaying

  6. @ Rey I agree 100%…. LoL!! And I sure did move on to the next (long time ago) with out hesitation. Just felt I should share my situation and get a second opinion.

  7. I can agree with that also Marckens P. There can be many reasons as to why the spark faded away. But funny how situations always change. Now that I am in a “Relationship” I’m in the wrong. But I thought we were keeping it “platonic”.. Umm, oh well!!! Like you said Rey, “on to the next” (I love that quote)!