The days for traditional weddings are numbered


According to a survey among 500 engaged couples in the UK, the traditional weddings are becoming less and less popular and if the trend continues, might be totally out of our minds very soon. My Voucher Codes asked 500 couples the question “Would you like to have a traditional white wedding?” The results reveal that only 20 percent of them would actually like a white wedding while 44% definitely don’t want a traditional white wedding.

So why have the traditional weddings become less popular?
According to the answers, there are many different reasons for that, but the main one is the cost of the wedding, which, according to experts, is on average GBP 20500. There are also other reasons, and one of them could be that people are becoming less religious. It’s not what the study showed, but that could explain why only 1 in 3 weddings in England and Wales has a religious ceremony.

Here’s a more detailed look into the reasons why people prefer the non-white-weddings:

  • Cost – 57%
  • Stress – 46%
  • Hassle of arranging – 37%
  • Don’t have a big family – 26%
  • Don’t like family/family issues – 18%
  • Do not like being centre of attention – 12%

    Commenting the study, Chris Reilly from MyVoucherCodes said:
    “Many people are stepping away from tradition when it comes to getting married, once over a church service followed by a wedding breakfast with family and friends was common for many couples. Especially when the bride and groom did not live together beforehand. We did see an increase in the size and cost of the celebration it seems now that people are beginning to find the cost and stress of organising a big traditional wedding too much.”

    The survey also also shows where people actually prefer to have the wedding, see this article to learn more about that.

  • 6 Responses to The days for traditional weddings are numbered

    1. I don’t want a traditional wedding mostly because I don’t agree with various traditional marriage values and customs.

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    3. Well i don’t like the traditional wedding. I would always recommend the newest and latest trend.

    4. Nice Post.

    5. The average wedding cost in NY this year is $80,000! Don’t want to sound like a party-pooper, but I’m sure young couples could find better use for that money when starting out in life together.

    6. Traditional or not, your wedding should be what YOU want! Dont worry about what is popular.