Review Post: Free Dating America Online Dating Review

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Online dating attracts millions of single people in hopes of solving the mystery of romantic chemistry that eludes most people in their life-times. One of the main draw cards that attracts an online dater is the theory that an Internet dating site will make finding a love match simple.

Those people who adopt this attitude usually walk away disappointed and despondent with what they assumed would be a walk in the park. The motto behind online dating is simple, you need to sell yourself in a way that makes you stand out among a bevy of fish in the sea. The moral is this: you need photo’s of yourself, photo’s that depict the real you, not old snapshots from five years ago you’re clinging to from your youth.

And so during the past decade, the singles space has endured a roller coaster ride of pro’s and con’s associated with online dating. Probably the hardest sell to single people was that online dating is not for the desperate and dateless – I think that hurdle today has been well and truly crossed.

Even with the rise and rise of mobile dating apps for hooking up on the fly, traditional dating websites such as eharmony, Match and Plentyoffish still maintain the lions share in the billion dollar online dating market proving beyond doubt that the array of new fad dating apps will come and go while professional, tried and true dating services will remain the backbone of online dating worldwide.

Whilst app developers and silicon valley startups attempt to emulate the successes of Tinder and others, Free Dating America launched a mobile friendly but largely desktop user intended 100% free dating site targeting the U.S singles market. Similar to the traditional online dating models such as as Match and Plentyoffish, Free Dating America has gone one step further. (or one step backwards in this case)

You may recall the old MSN public chat rooms? MSN chat set the scene for fast connections, millions and millions of people relished the opportunity to log on for free and start virtual conversations in hopes of landing a date much faster than traditional message sending. The creators of Free Dating America have been researching the analytics associated with the now defunct MSN and Yahoo chat rooms. One finding reported the traffic and server resource usage associated with that of MSN and Yahoo chat in its heyday matched and even exceeded MTV’s cable and satellite television website traffic. In other words, public chat rooms used to be massively popular.

Free Dating America has begun tapping into new generations bringing back the nineties with their own Singles Dating Chat Rooms. A simple, yet extremely powerful and effective concept to chat with groups of friends and via private messaging tools. The website is aimed at a younger to middle aged demographic, is 100% free to use the entire website features, and offers dating services throughout every U.S town and city.

A sensible and savvy move by this startup, rather than competing in high-tech mobile wars instead reinventing the past really is an untapped market.

6 Responses to Review Post: Free Dating America Online Dating Review

  1. I thing that online darting is a great way to connect with people. With todays world we are all so busy with work family and friends finding love can be hard. So if your able to find that special someone online go for it

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  3. As an active online dater in the US it can be so hard deciding if it is worth paying for a service or going the free route. The free route certainly comes with many *unique* suitors that need to be sifted through. I would be willing to pay for a service if I had a better idea how many people were using that service.

  4. I’m not fully convinced of online dating, mainly from my own experiences. It can cause people to build up hopes and dreams of ‘the perfect person’ only to be face to face with someone you thought you knew from online conversations. Personally, I can see how simplifying the online dating aspect is good, however, more safety precautions and awareness of vulnerable people needs to be enhanced.

    I advise people on my own experiences of online dating through my blog: under “Online Dating”. It’s a real person’s perspective on what experiences can occur when diving into the world of the interactive unknown. :)

  5. Today thousands of single people search dating partner using online dating websites.

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