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Blossomis is here to cure men of our absent mindedness. Fellas we all have been there; a day late and a dollar short.  We remember her birthday or anniversary during lunch or even worse on the car ride home. That gift card bundled with stale boxed chocolate and droopy flowers is a sure sign that you forgot again. How did this happen? You had the calendar set you thought about it ahead of time you planned on getting her something special. Nowadays these days seem to be going by faster and faster. Not to worry Blossomis is here to save the “day”. Now you can have a beautiful bouquet delivered every month to her for a whole year. Think of them as a lovely safety net suspended above a bed of roses. Men this is it!   this could mean the end of the missed birthday presents and anniversaries. No more suffer from forgetfulness in fact she will be reminded how thoughtful you are every month. Every bouquet is different which provides a surprise every time. Blossomis allows you to high light special dates and attach special notes like “Happy Birthday, You thought I forgot” or “Just because, Thinking of You”. The sign up process is so easy, even we can do it and the delivery is free! Just some friendly advice, sign up before you forget. You’ll take me later.

Blossomis is a new flower tech company delivering flowers for each occasion to the one you love. We find out every important day of your year and deliver a bouquet specifically to celebrate that occasion. You can choose to receive a bouquet every month or just 6 throughout the year to celebrate the important stuff. If next month there is no anniversary, holiday, or birthday to celebrate score extra points with a Just Because bouquet. Tell us the perfect thing to say or we will help you out by handwriting a loving note for you. We know you’ve been burned by other services that never delivered or sent terrible flowers but Blossomis here to change your entire experience with only exquisite seasonal bouquets she will love. Readers use code SERIOUSLY and receive %10 off for life just log on to Blossomis. Visit today, not all heroes wear capes.

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