She’s The Breadwinner, Not Me…

I was always brought up to think that men are always supposed to be the breadwinner of the relationship (please forgive me ladies). Then I grew up and realized that I live in the 21st century and things are a lot different now. Not only are women nowadays much more independent but they are getting higher paid jobs as well. They are setting the bar a lot higher and are more focused on achieving their career goals. So strange how time changes everything, right? I can’t even imagine telling my grandfather that there is a greater difference from my pay check compared to my girlfriend; he would probably want to leave this earth early so he doesn’t have to witness this becoming a phenomenon. I wonder how other guys in this type of relationship feel when they are not the breadwinner. How does it play with their ego, do they still make the financial decisions even though their finances is not the one that matters? I tell you this, from a personal standpoint it takes time getting used to.

There are many reasons why this is happening. Back in “ancient” times (our parents’ young days); there were more men in school than women. But those days are long gone. Statistics show that there are a lot more women in colleges/universities than men. Because of this, many women are getting higher paying jobs that we, the men, used to get. Now you have to live with the fact that your girl is bringing home the money and is the breadwinner. Your ego is shot. You think yourself as less of a man, and when it comes to making financial decisions your opinion does not matter. Matter of fact, you have no opinion! You realize your income is just a “little” added bonus towards the relationship.

Wait, calm down. I think its ok. Look at it from a different point of view, there is more of a responsibility for the women now. We no longer have to carry this huge monkey on our back. Less stress on different decisions and if you play your cards right she will still look at you as the person who makes the final decisions. So it’s not all that bad, and you get the nice extravagant gifts as well. In my situation, I looked at it as we both were happy (her money my money, my money her money) and it was easier to have a good time with one another. There are definitely advantages to this, and if it bothers you that much, use it as self motivation to find a better paying job or pick up a part time job (whatever makes you happy I guess). But do not let this become an issue when it comes to your relationship, deal with it. We are living in a modern day where the “glass ceiling” for women is slowly starting to shatter.

Marckens P.

5 Responses to She’s The Breadwinner, Not Me…

  1. Marckens, you’re right but not completely. Yes, women are less likely to be stay at home moms or housewives nowadays; therefore they’re out there getting jobs and making money. But in today’s world, it is still unfortunate that men get paid more than women for the same job, especially in the business world. Moreover, men are always given the authoritative positions, hence the higher paying positions such as CEO. I’m sad to say this, but I think it’s still a man’s world. : (

    • @ nancy, i’m sorry you feel this way…lol, but honestly i do agree with you to a certain extent, but what what to maybe, just maybe, women aren’t qualified for some of the jobs that men are?

  2. @Marckens, Your response sucks. I can do your job anyday!

  3. Well, I and women nowadays are equal when it comes to capability of work. Unlike before, women will just stay at home. But now, it seems that women also need to find work and earned some money with their own hard work. As long as you both agreed to be like that, so there’s nothing wrong on it.