Seriously, Is Technology Destroying Our Relationships?

If I get one more “I miss you” text message, you give me no choice but to believe that you really don’t. I mean come on, if you really miss me how about actually dialing my number so you can hear my voice. Texting has really become the new form of communication nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for technology, anything to make our day and tasks a lot easier is fine with me. But what about when it becomes too much that we start to lose focus on the simple things that make our relationships worthwhile.

I think a lot of times we send out so many texts/emails a day to our significant other, that we tend to forget that an occasional call never hurts here and there. People rather send out birthday texts, holiday texts, get well texts, and even the infamous I LOVE YOU texts to their significant other than to call. Think about it, isn’t that impersonal and lazy to do? These messages shouldn’t be in text; they should be said out of the person’s  mouth. Technology can also be troubling in other forms like social network sites. We have all heard at least one or two stories where someone gets in trouble and the relationship is ruined because of a social network site (facebook, myspace, twitter). Nothing is a secret anymore, personal business has become extinct, and everything is out in the public eye because of these sites.

We have also lost our romantic side because of this. We as a society have become very practical and “non-traditional” in our relationships because of the rise in technology. We can’t even spend quality time without having to worry about our partners checking their iphones, androids, blackberrys for email, texts, or information on the web. We no longer handpick our flowers but instead order them with a click of a button. Next thing you know, people are going to start sending marriage proposals in the form of emails and texts. Don’t let that be you!

Marckens P.

3 Responses to Seriously, Is Technology Destroying Our Relationships?

  1. soooo true, we forget to say things in person that we say so easily through text

  2. Dead on! People are losing touch of what it means to emotionally connect to one another these days.

  3. hahahahahhahahahha….sorry this made me laugh because there is nothing but TRUTH in this article. We are so wound up in our every day tasks that we turn our relationships into one as well.