Promoted Post: Find out if it is your lucky night tonight

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You are going to a hot date to night and don’t know what to wear especially underneath your clothes? WeLoveDates has the ultimate test that will let you know which one you should pick – sexy or comfortable.

Regardless what your plans are tonight – whether it is a hot date or just great night out with your friends – before you leave the house it might be a good idea to take a look at the interactive quiz brought to you by WeLoveDates. For all you know it could be your lucky night!

Are you sure you want to wear the old shapeless boxers to night or quickly get out and get something sexier? Are you certain you want to wear the spanks and not the racy underwear to the date? Or do you think you might end up with someone?

Well don’t you worry we have the answer. Take this fun quiz to discover if tonight could actually be your lucky night! WeLoveDates came up with a couple of general questions such as what your idea of a good first date is to how long you have been dating. But also more specific questions such as ‘You’re on a dinner date with someone you met online—what does your date say as the night is winding down?’.


One thing we can promise you is at the end of the quiz you’ll know what to wear below your outfit… So don’t be shy and find out. Good luck!

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7 Responses to Promoted Post: Find out if it is your lucky night tonight

  1. Nice quiz, very creative.. Nice site as well…

  2. Nice quiz actually- thanks for putting it out there! :)

  3. Brilliant piece of information there – loved it!

    And just to confirm I will be getting lucky tonight 😉

  4. Fun quiz for sure!
    I only wish people were more concerned with “getting lucky” for more than just one night.
    How ’bout a lifetime?

  5. Getting lucky for just one night is ok. How about getting lucky all day long?

  6. How reliable are these sort of quizes though? aha will give it a shot though

  7. I’m liking the layout of your content recently, thanks get lucky! aha