Prince Charming

prince charming

I’ve been waiting for you to walk miles to see me
I’ve been waiting to exchange smiles when our eyes meet

I’ve been waiting for you to sweep me off my feet
Hold my hand and pull my seat
Open my door and kiss my cheek

I’ve been waiting for you to impress me
With your sincere love, profess me!

I’ve been waiting for you, my one and only
Without you my nights and days are quite lonely

My love for you is aroused
My love for you is awake
Whenever you’re around
I wear a smile that I can’t fake

Your love warms my cold feet
Your love makes me secure
I have no more anxiety
You love me and I’m sure

In your arms I want to be
In your eyes I want to see
My life and yours forever
Let life bring whatever

I’d give you my life
And love that endures
‘Cause I know that for me 
You’d lay down yours

Many preach that a woman should submit to her husband
But the scriptures also say that a man should love his woman like Jesus loves the church
And Jesus loves the church with the greatest love of all:
John 15:13 Greater love has no man than this, that a man gives up his life for his friends.

Be blessed, spread love,


14 Responses to Prince Charming

  1. Wow, this poem touch my heart….Love is beautiful and if it ends up being true love it is even sweeter. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  2. Tom, thank you for being my first comment on this post. It makes me glad to know that my poem touched your heart- My purpose is fulfilled.

  3. I love your poem. its really good and touching.

  4. Thank you Chise. Your comment motivates me.

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  6. Very Dope . Keep Writing.

  7. Thanks Ted!

  8. well if your looking for prince charming im right here!! lol

  9. What makes you prince charming Jimi?

  10. wow, what a touching poem, very true and real indeed.

  11. Great writing. Check out my website and click on ” Finding Mr. Right ” I think you will find it interesting.” Keep writing , Maxine

  12. So deep, and beautifully written! It brought tears to my eyes. I had this, but at death did us part. At 52, I must believe that it can happen again. While I’m not a student of the Bible, I have long felt that making love to a woman was similar to worshiping at an altar.

  13. Thanks Kim to wrote this poem, it reminds me im not alone and motivates me
    i really like your poem, keep it up KIM!

  14. Thanks Nena,Maxine,Mick and Sonnya, your comments are inspiring! I urge you to continue following the site for more passionate poetry!

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