Persuasion Technique: How to Get Him/Her to do What You Want

The technique I am about to show to you is called the “Foot in the Door” technique. Many have been unknowingly subject to this form of influence every day by friends, family and the like. I am going to describe what it looks like and why it works so that you (and I) can use it to our advantage and never fall for it again.

What it looks like
Guy: Come on baby just one kiss. What’s a little kiss going to hurt. Just one kiss and I’ll go home, I promise
Girl: OK. I guess one kiss won’t hurt any…

…(half an hour later)…

Girl: (inner thoughts) I can’t believe I just did that. How did I end up having sex with him.
Guy: Baby I got to go now. I’ll call you some time…

The Technique
Ask for something small, once the other person agrees ask for something a little bigger. If they resist remind them of the small thing they have done before and the new request is a small step further. Continue until you meet your final goal.

Why it works
Once a person complies with a request, their self-image is slightly altered as someone who would do X. Because of the new self-image, they will also comply with anything a person would do if they have already done X. We have a tendency to be consistent with our past behaviors to make us who we are. If we are not consistent we will be viewed publicly as hypocritical and no one wants to be a hypocrite.

Another example
Girl: Would you say that you like me?
Guy: Of course I like you.
Girl: A Lot?
Guy: a lot, a lot.
Girl: how much?
Guy: I like you more than what can be measured in a life time.
Girl: Wow if you like me that much it kinda means you love me
Guy: Uh… um… yea… I love you.
Girl: You have made me the happiest girl in the world!
Guy: (inner thought) What the f*ck just happened???

Use this technique wisely
With great power comes great responsibility. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the consequences of this sort of manipulation. Wait… what am I talking about, there are no consequences. You get want you want and you’re happy, right? Enjoy!

2 Responses to Persuasion Technique: How to Get Him/Her to do What You Want

  1. haha..that last bit with the “you must love me” was hilarious…

    the foot in the door technique never fails…

  2. These kind of persuasion techniques only work on beta males and insecure women.