My God Is Different From Yours

Most relationships require compromise and effort if they are going to succeed, but what about when you come from different religious backgrounds?

I know it’s definitely possible, I see it all the time, but how long do they last before it becomes a serious issue for not only the partner but for family and friends?

Is it acceptable for a Muslim to date a Catholic or a Buddhist to date a Hindu? Something to think about.

I pose these questions because I usually get different answers, from YES it’s very important, and to NO it’s not so important. I think it’s a lot smoother when you’re dating someone who has the same beliefs,culture, and religion as you, but at the same time how boring can that be? I think it would make life interesting to be close to someone who disagrees with you, just as long as those disagreements don’t become monumental hurdles that you’ll never get over. When it comes to religion, stereotypes always follow right behind it. Your family and friends may tend to get in the way and not accept your partner based on the different stereotypes that come from his/her religion.

This is when certain issues may raise,  your partner might constantly be trying to convert you to join their religion or vice versa. Important decisions may become an issue, especially when answers are based on religion, for example, foods to eat or make, different holidays to celebrate or not, or even what church am I going to be attending for now on. Then they become bigger as the relationship grows, like marriage, having kids, or even buying a house together.

It is very crucial to get an understanding of your partners’ religion so you have a better point of view, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Learn how to compromise if this is something that both partners are willing to accept, learn about their religion, support your partner and participate in some of your partners’ religious activities (as long as you’re not violating your beliefs).  Talk to your family and friends and explain to them your partners’ religion, erase those negative views from them.  If religion is not a big deal to you, then find someone who feels the same, if it is, then find someone who feels the same (simple as that). If you guys can agree on some aspects of religion, whether you have different religions or not, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully the love or feelings for one another can empower the differences and establish a long-lasting relationship.

Marckens P.

3 Responses to My God Is Different From Yours

  1. I def agree on your view about this. You gotta know whats important to each other and if your beliefs and values match or if you can at least compromise.

  2. I believe that love transcends all obstacles and religions. Where there is love and understanding, anything is possible! I am a christian and definately believe in Love above all things. If love is the foundation to the relationship, then I believe the relationship can work. I have a friend who comes from a religious Catholic family and she is about to marry an atheistic. Even though I am also a Christian and I love my friend, I approve of her atheist boyfriend because I know that he loves her and will make her happy. I want the best for my friend, and I think he is just that! Although they have contracticting religious beliefs, I know that they will have a successful relationship because they love and understand eachother.

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