Main Chick vs Side Chick


History has shown us that men like women. Sometimes men like different types of women. And sometimes men like to have different types women at the same time. Hence the deep rooted culture of polygamy in the history of men and women. This truism is not the point of this article, rather its about distinguishing the different roles women play in relationships with men (that pretend to be monogamist). We like to refer to the two different roles of women as the Main Chick and the Side chick. It is not uncommon for men and the general public to undermine the value and essence of a WOMAN with names like these that give reference to an animal, food or object-but that’s not the point of this article either. My point is that whether you are a main chick or a side chick, you are not being valued as the woman you want to be, rather, you are still confined to the role a man wants you to be.


Main Chick:

The public figure. She gets most of the public credit for being the significant other. Most of the time honesty is held from her and she doesn’t know that her man has side chicks. Sometimes she does, and conforms to this role as a main woman while knowing her man as other woman on the side. She stays within the context of the role to preserve her man’s image for society, family, friends and culture. She silence is golden to keep the image her man wants for himself.  . She is the significant other in her own eyes and in the eyes of others. But is she really significant in her man’s eyes? In my last article I spoke of the importance of a title. In this article I want you to question the significance of a title if your man is not really living by your expectations of the title?

Side Chick:

The hidden significant other. She is still significant because she fulfills a man’s needs and brings satisfaction to a man. The need is real and has a long history because as we all know, prostitution is the oldest job in the history of women. The side chick has many similarities to the main chick, because just like the main chick, she is a consistent figure. There is a relationship between the man and the side chick. There is a give and take and a mutual connection and the relationship they share. It may not be legitimized by a title like the main chick, but the relationship is real and highly significant. Arguable even more so then the main chick because the man depends on this woman’s maintained secrecy. The side chick is usually aware that she is the side chick, so the man has more to loose with the side chick. If the side chick chooses to reveal herself, she has the power to ruin a man’s life and reputation. The side chick has more power than we tend to think of. Just like the main chick, the man depends on the side chick’s silence to keep his image to society.


It seems as though many aspects of a woman’s life is controlled by men, even in mutual relationships. Whether you are the main chick or the side side, your relationship may be manipulated by the man. Its time for women to step up and get what they really want from a relationship with a man: Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty. Most women want to be the One and Only. Men, is that really possible? If so, women, don’t settle for anything other than that. Its time to give priority to your wants and needs from a relationship with a man.


Be blessed, spread love,


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  1. That’s right. Women need to know their value and not settle for men who cannot respect them enough to be faithful. And “side chicks” who know there is a main woman should be ashamed of themselves. We need to support and empower one another, not assist a man in disrespecting and belittling another woman!

  2. Brilliant, a very interesting point of view!! I always see this situation as the man being weak, I do not think the man has the control, I think he is the weaker counterpart in this triangle and the women position themselves to make sure they are getting what they want from him.

  3. i like like the article

  4. Awesome post. Go girl power !

  5. I just recently found/heard about this website and wanted to give my honest opinion.

    Before anything, a woman must be honest with herself about when she stands in a man’s life. Sometimes, the obvious signs (negatives) are there but they are ignored due to emotions.-Main Chick

    As a man, I realize that women who allow themselves to be the side chick will have a hard time being in a committed relationship. No offense, but men and women handle their emotions differently.

    A title doesn’t mean anything until you’re married. I hate that, but people will do the most and then blame everyone but themselves when their situation goes wrong, due to their actions.

    I believe that a person shouldn’t get into a relationship UNTIL they are ready to compromise, be honest and put their best foot forward.

    This post wasn’t a rebuttal to your post. I enjoyed it and wanted to give my opinion. I’m trying to figure out how I can post my own topics on here.

  6. I am a main chick who knows side chick’s exist. We don’t have a title. He never wanted one. This got “further than he wanted” as it is. I stay here 4 to 5 night a week and have a key. Have met friends and family. I wish he’d only want me. I’m just too weak to walk away. I know I don’t need him, but I still want him. It is sad that I’ll take what I can get. I do get love and affection and time. Precious time. But no title, no commitment. He wants the lifestyle of freedom. My fear of being alone is scarier to me than the pain this causes me. We are just on different pages. I don’t know. I don’t want to play the victim. I want to somehow be good with it.

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