Keep A Leash On Her!

I might get a lot of heat for this article, but Seriously fellas, we have to do better. We are letting our women run wild. No more respect, no trust, and more importantly NO CONTROL. Just the other day, I read about the Anthony Weiner scandal and I was shocked. It wasn’t because of what he did; it was because of how he was caught. His career as a politician is now in shambles, all because he was being a man and he had no control or trust with the women he dealt with. The fact that the women he was dealing with put him out there like that looks horrible on his part. It’s his job to have his women in “check” especially if he is doing things outside his marriage/relationship. And in this case he definitely didn’t have a tight leash on them.

Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by having his woman/women in “check” or on a tight leash. (Please don’t take that literally) First and foremost, when I say “in check,” I mean be a man, show some dominance. Last I checked we were the dominant species.  Women are no longer loyal. They are out to get theirs and that’s it. This is why we have to establish that dominance and control. We have to let them know who is BOSS. And in the Anthony Weiner case, the women were probably offered large amounts of cash in exchange for his pictures; showing he had no trust, no respect and no control over them.

At the end of the day he is at fault for not determining how loyal these women can be in the beginning stages of the relationships. It’s our jobs as men to make sure we have our relationships under control. We have to make sure we gain our respect, gain their trust, and have that leash. You should be able to send whatever you want to her without having to worrying about it hitting the net. What ever you’re sending should be understood that it is for her viewing pleasure only.

In conclusion, we have to do better fellas. If we have our side chicks or whatever you call them, let’s not give them total control of the relationship. Don’t forget that you are in charge. Be confident if you decide to send explicit pictures to her without worrying about it hitting the net. Be smart as well, you will always have those disloyal ones out there too.  Think a step ahead. Put that leash on her. You should be in total control, not her.

Marckens P.

18 Responses to Keep A Leash On Her!

  1. Marckens, I love your amoral universe without axis, where everything’s acceptable as long as we can get away with it 😉 I for one welcome our new relativistic overlords 😀

  2. oh my god, you are amazing, amusing, a gem, a rarity. i read what you say and i am marvelled at your oddity. i read, from my home, from a distance. if i ever actually had to deal with you, i would punch you and get you out of my way so INSTANTLY.
    yepppppppp. i’m a woman.

  3. I believe everything needs to be mutual. The same argument could be used for Mrs. Weiner. Had she kept her man on a better leash he may not have run wild with other women.

    At the end of the day, both people in a relationship need to have respect and trust in each other. If there is need to express ‘dominance’ over another person due to distrust on either side, the relationship is doomed to fail. Unless you beat a woman’s self esteem into the dirt, there’s no way she’ll relinquish control over her own life. Just the same as a man won’t give up his.

  4. I agree with this article! However some of the problem lies in the way women emasculate men! Some have ben so conditioned to think that “they rule the roost” and nothing is going to bring me down. Women in general have lost the feminity all in the name of “womens lib” thats not what it was for or inteneded. Great Read! Thank you

    • Hi just thought i would tell you shnetoimg.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.

      • @Eddi, i really appreciate the kind words!

  5. *been- sorry for the english error, I was excited typing! lol

  6. wow, that was an eye opener, i learned something from your post Janice

    Thank you again Janice for your comment!

  7. wow…are you kidding me??? You have to remind women who is “boss” and who is in control? You can’t control another human being and if you cannot respect her enough why be with her in the first place? You say women are running wild etc.. yet it is okay for men to have side pieces? You cannot love or even expect to have a meaningful relationship with that twisted frame of mind. Get well soon.

  8. Haha, love this!


  10. Is this blog for real?

  11. I might get some criticism for my comment here, but here it is.

    One possible reason why women nowadays (I’m not generalizing, this is based from what I’ve seen and experienced) are no longer loyal is possibly our (the men) fault. Some men are afraid to take charge of their relationship and that has an indirect effect on women. Realistically, women want someone who isn’t afraid to take charge of their relationship, and the decision not to take charge of the relationship due to fear of losing the women might make women skeptical of who you are as a man and character in general.

    Although it is good to be dominant in the relationship and taking charge, always remember..relationship is made for 2. So no matter how dominant you want to be or how you want to take charge, remember always leave a little room for your partner. :)

    My two cents.

  12. This made me laugh…. However, in the case of Mr. Weiner, not sure how the woman could trust him or respect him in the first place!!!

  13. I concur…….indeed.

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