It’s OK to be Promiscuous and This is Why

People in our society frown upon being promiscuous, but every where we turn, we are being sold sex. In music, movies, television, and THE INTERNET we are bombarded with sexually suggestive messages (and sometimes it’s blatant). It is no wonder why we want it all the time and it is no wonder why people have multiple partners throughout their lives.

Understanding this will lead you to understand why there are no longer any Virgin Marys (VM) out there but plenty of Mary Magdalenes. In high school or college you’ll be lucky a VM, but by the time she’s in her mid-twenties, she has been around the block and could give you directions. The guys aren’t pristine either. As soon as he discovers his first hard on, he’ll try to repeat the occurrence as often as possible.

Should we be mad at this? We all know that sex is good and we also know that it is healthy. How can we look down on someone for doing something that is enjoyable as often as possible? We should actually be happy for them because they are able to acquire such pleasure in their lives. I admire happy people and strive to be one myself and so should you :)

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