There are plenty more pebbles on the beach or fish in the sea, whichever phrase you prefer to use when it comes to the dating game one thing is for certain, there will be a dating site out there that caters for every niche and preference.

Since internet dating first appeared on the horizon and opened up new possibilities for single people everywhere to widen their search for the perfect partner, a lot has changed in almost two decades of dating online.

At a rough count there are more than 2,000 niche dating sites that cater for specific preferences or tastes, so if you are looking for someone who normally wears a uniform or someone who would never ever miss a Star Trek convention then you can find a site that lists like-minded singles looking for a partner who shares the same line of thinking.

Whether you are looking for a love match who is on the plus-sized side of life or like the prospect of finding your own Mrs Robinson through a site like UrbanCougar, or simply won’t date anyone who doesn’t have facial hair, you are almost certain to find a niche dating site that matches your preferences and desires.

Here an infographic created by take look at some of the strange and wonderful dating sites where you could find your perfect match.


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  1. Wow, I was not aware that there were so many niches that dating sites occupy. Very interesting at the very least.

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