4 signs to know when you’re ready to date again


So you just broke up with your partner and to make matters worse you’ve become very depress. Now the last thing in your mind is starting over and dating again. But the question we may all have in our minds during tough times like this is when is it ok to start dating again? Should you date soon after the breakup to help deal with the depression or should you wait a little while before jumping back into the scene? As a youngster, I was always taught to wait awhile (about 3-6 months) before dating again. I never realized how they came up with that time frame but I knew it had something to do with respect of the relationship that was. But as I got older and ran through some bad break-ups, I figured “aint nobody got time” to be waiting 3-6 months just to start dating again. There are other ways I can respect my EX besides waiting 3-6 months because I’m worried about her feelings or disrespecting our relationship that was.

Honestly, I believe if I am ready to date again I should give myself every opportunity to be able to do so without needing the ok from my EX. Why not just live it up a little instead of moping around, sitting home, stress out, and depress? I don’t believe that is a good remedy to help deal with these type of problems. But enough about me and what I would do, let’s go into the signs I came up with that I believe will let you know when you are ready to date again.

1. You began to find yourself interested in other people. When in a relationship, I would hope to think that your interest level for someone else besides your partner is non-existent. And even after a break up it might still be non-existent, but when you suddenly have interest for other people then that’s definitely a sign that you are ready to date again.

2. You don’t think about your partner anymore. After a bad breakup you may find yourself thinking about your EX more often than you would like. But once that day comes and you realize you haven’t thought about your EX in consecutive days, not only will you be relieve, but that is a sign that you are ready to date again.

3. You stop crying, you’re no longer angry, and you’re not as depress. After a bad break-up, you find yourself crying yourself to sleep, you become depress, and maybe even angry at the world. This explains why you’re in a bad mood all the time and you can help it. Some suggestions I recommend to help combat that is as follows; pick up a hobby, hang with friends, join a gym, basically find something to take up some of your free time.

Last but certainly not least, you’re no longer checking up on your EX. You may find yourself still purposely checking up on your partner whether it’s through his/her friends or even social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Instagram (don’t worry, we all do it). Once you stop checking on your partner’s status or purposely looking for ways to see him/her you are ready to date again.

Pay attention to some of these signs to determine whether or not you are ready to mingle again. Don’t feel bad that your signs haven’t showed up yet,sometimes it takes time. Just remember, your not alone and we all go through rough breakups at some point in our lives. Just keep in mind that sooner than later you will be happy again and ready to find the love of your life, or at least a temporary replacement.

Marckens P.

3 Responses to 4 signs to know when you’re ready to date again

  1. If u can even consider the idea of dating again, u r probably ready. But if u cant entertain the possibility even when uve been asked out frequently, u just arent ready. If u r in therapy to deal w a break up, u have no business even considering it. Even if u r lonely beyond belief.

  2. Hi.. I don’t know if this is at all relevant to the previous posts but i need advice and i don’t know where to go.. One time i went to my bestfriends boyfriends house with her and him and we all slept in the same bed, him in the middle. In the morning i got up and came back in the room, she was still sleeping and he told me to come back into bed. When i lay down he kept putting his hand on my back, then taking it off. After 5 or 10 minutes he just put his arm around me and “spooned me” for half an hour.. Every 5 or 10 minutes he would hold me tighter, all while (his girlfriend/ my bestfriend) was sleeping. Whenever we went to his house he would stand inches away from my face and just stare at me in the dark.. What could this mean?? Someone help me..

  3. It was so hard for me to get over my ex boyfriend. But I stopped thinking about him and thats when I new I was ready