I Can’t Wait For a Man


I can’t wait for a man to buy me a home
I can rent an apartment and live on my own!

I can’t wait for a man to get on one knee
I can buy myself a two carat ring

I can’t wait for a man to decide to propose
’cause uncertainty and doubts hold him back, I suppose

I can’t wait for a man to figure out that he’s sure
There’s more fish in the sea I can bring out to shore

I can’t wait for a man to make me a wife
I can live out my dreams and carry on with my life!

I can’t wait for a man to offer me marriage
and burden my life with his troublesome baggage

I can’t wait to be happy on a day of a wedding
I can be happy more often jet setting!

I can’t wait for a man to reach a life goal
Culture and society can’t brain wash my soul!

I can’t wait for a man to offer himself
I can do bad all by myself!

Be blessed, spread love,


8 Responses to I Can’t Wait For a Man

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  2. Thank you. What is the name of your book?

  3. LOVED THAT!!! More women need to read this!

  4. thanks TY!

  5. That was cool, i’m gonna recommend your blog to my friends and family.

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  7. Love it. Very articulate. Women lack patience… Some of us have become feminist and butchy

  8. Candince, that’s a good point and a different way to look at the situation. Perhaps there’s a thin line between patience and conforming.
    I know a few grown women who are more than ready to get married, dating for years. All she wants is to get married, but she is at the mercy of her guy, she has to wait until he’s ready. On HIS time their relationship will move forward: when he’s financially ready to buy the ring, emotionally ready to get on one knee and confident enough that she’s the one. (Even tho she’s probably checked all the above).

    And this marriage thing, for some women is a life goal. It’s been implanted in us since young girls, to aspire to marry. So how is it that society gives us that burden? People’s remarks make us feel that our lives are incomplete or unaccomplished if we don’t marry.

    I say, forget that! I’ll make my own life rules and expectations. What can a man do for me that I can’t do for myself?

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