Guest Post:How To Beat The Xmas Blues – 5 Tips To Be A Happy Singleton This Year


It’s that time of year again; baubles at the ready and the Christmas album on repeat, the shops are warming up to the droves of happy-go-lucky bargain hunters searching for that perfect gift and the mince pies and mulled wine are already flowing. What of your friends? Well they’re all getting cuddled up with their partners’ right? It’s what you do at Christmas – decamp to your loved one’s homes and share cuddles and gifts by the fire. But what if this year you’re facing a single Christmas? How do you beat the blues?

Gather the family
When else can you get all the family together with minimal arguments? When else can you have three (maybe four?) generations around one table talking about their childhoods, memories and that family holiday you went on all those years ago? Not very often that’s when, and if you’re single this Christmas then it’s the perfect time to garner some family support by getting all of your family round to yours. Hosting a little soiree pre or post-Christmas will take the pressure of your parents to host and will ensure you’re surrounded (and busy) with loved ones all day long.

Spend time with friends
If you’re loved up the chances are you have to divide your time at Christmas, between yours and your partner’s family and friends, but one of the best things about being single at Christmas is that you can be selfish and just see the friends and family who belong to you! Take advantage of this rare Christmas when only your nearest and dearest matter and make lots of plans! Pop round to see coupled up friends if they can’t bear to leave the house, congregate with your besties in the pub for mulled wine and take your mum to midnight mass or carol singing – this Christmas is all about you!

Have a duvet day
When was the last time you watched all three Home Alone films back to back? Grab the popcorn, maybe a couple of friends to share the experience with and cuddle up with your duvet all day long – bliss.
Book a holiday
If you really are feeling the blues this Christmas then why not just book a getaway and disappear for a few weeks? Why stay around moping about not being with your ex when you could be on a hot and sunny beach somewhere forgetting it all with a margarita in hand? Good question!

Be selfish – why not?!
This is the year you won’t have to spend nearly as much on presents, because without a loved one to share it with you don’t need to fret about which gig tickets to book, what colour sweater he/she would prefer or whether you’ve spent enough on them. This year why not treat yourself to a little you time – be it a holiday or a cashmere sweater, buy it, wrap it and open it on Christmas day – a wonderful reminder of how great being single at Christmas time can be.
Maybe you’ve not experienced Christmas solo before (as in without a partner), and if that is the case you’ll need to know what to expect and how you can be perfectly happy as a singleton this Christmas.

oneThis article is brought forward by the experts of OnePlusOne, a charity that works to strengthen couple and family relationships. Their resources and experts offer knowledge, support and guidance to couples and families to help themselves.

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