Guest Blog: Who are your REAL friends?

SM has provided us with many amazing articles about relationships, but has missed discussing one important type of relationship. This type of relationship should be the foundation of all types of successful relationships. This special relationship I am referring to is called Friendship!
In a time where social media is at its peak, the world is smaller than it’s ever been. Access to a plethora of information is at our finger tips, and it’s very easy to make hundreds, if not thousands of friends, from all over the world via the internet. Weather you have 17 or 1700 friends, a timeless question still remains, “Who are your real friends?”
The answer to this question can solve many problems, even within your Romantic relationship.
Distinguishing Real & Fake Friends:
A real friend is a person who only wants the best for you. A real friend genuinely wishes for your happiness and well being. A real friend would be happy if you are happy in a romantic relationship, job, with other friendships and endeavors.
If your friend becomes jealous because you have made new friends, becomes envious because you are in a happy relationship, or upset because you have found happiness in traveling or in a new love-NOT a real friend.
A real friend will do Real things with you: Hang out with you in your house when nothing else is going on. Listen and respect the inner most part of you which are your thoughts, feelings, gut intuition, philosophy, ideas and questions. A real friend knows who you are, knows your passions and desires, your ideals and goals in life.
If a friend is only there to party, for social gatherings, “likes” all your photos and statuses, feels the need to post on social media the slightest things you do together because they feel they have to prove something and basically share more cyber interactions then in-person interactions- NOT a real friend.
A real friendship has stood the test of time. A real friendship has been tested with difficulties, challenges, arguments, disagreements, heartbreaks, pain and sorrow. In spite of all that, the care, love and admiration remain the same or grow! A real friendship has no ulterior motives.
If you only see your friend’s face through a computer screen, if you met the person in a party or on vacation and decided to stay connected, if your times together have only been momentary happiness or physical pleasure with no profound emotional meaning, or if you only stay in touch because of what the person can offer you, like hookups, money, status, and any other material things-NOT a real friend.
Someone once told me, “You know its love when you think about what you can give into the relationship to make the person happy, instead of what you can get from the relationship.”
Integrity, love and respect are essential ingredients to a Real friendship. Selfish desire, personal pleasure and selfish gain are hallmarks of a fake friendship. Understand the difference between the two and set boundaries, you and your partner will thank me later.

About the Guest Author: Kim

We have been fortunate to have Kim back again with one of her interesting posts, she is definitely on a roll now! Again Kim is currently a school nurse/health teacher during the day and an passionate writer by night. Not only does she write beautiful poetry, but she is an avid reader as well. She currently holds a Masters degree in nursing, specializing in Midwifery, and is looking to pursue her doctorate degree in the future. When she’s not studying or saving the world, she continues to express herself through her pen and paper. We are happy to have her on board again and I hope her contribution will be beneficial to all the SM readers. I can be for certain that this won’t be her last appearance on SM.

12 Responses to Guest Blog: Who are your REAL friends?

  1. Love this article! Sometimes we need reminders like this. It’s important to take some time every now and then to reflect who’s in your life for the long run. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. This article is very refreshing in the sense In which we get to be reminded on who our real friends. I think it is very important to know these important things in order for a person to grow as an individual. Awesome article…thanks

  3. I agree with this a hell of a lot. I have gone through a rough time lately with my family and you really learn who your true friends are. it is an important step to learn who is there for you and who has time for you in life.

  4. Eissa, thanks for the love. David, i appreciate your comment. Roach, thanks for sharing your experience, I coudn’t agree with you more!

  5. This is a wonderful article written by you. I can appreciate articles like this because its very important to establish a friendship before getting into something serious. My best friend of 5 years is also my boyfriend of 3 years. And it has been very beneficial towards our relationship.

    Question for Kim, are you one of the SM authors? If not, do you have a blog website as well? If so, I would like to know the website so I can read more of your articles….

    Thank you.

  6. Jennifer, I am flattered by your comment. Thank you for sharing your truth, I agree that friendship is essential to having a successful long lasting romantic relationship. Actually, Denzel Washington stated the same thing when interviewed about his long lasting relationship with his wife.

    To answer your question, I am not an author of SM, I am a guest blogger. My original passion is writing poetry although I enjoy writing these posts for SM. I don’t have my own website. I want to publish my book of poetry very soon. Any new material from me, whether poetry, book, or post, you can most likely find out through this website, be on the look out! Thank you for expressing your interest in my writing. I am beyond appreciative! Be blessed, spread love ~Kim

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