Guest Blog: Straight up rant: This modern love

Relationships have changed a lot since our grandparents were picking up each other at drive-ins. Those were simpler times when a boy liked a girl, the girl liked the boy and TA-DA… wedding bells! You just had to hope you got to the church in time before grammy got knocked up.

To a certain extent, we’re glad things aren’t so simple anymore. We’re super stoked that some chicks burned their bras and now we get to pursue kickass careers and play kickball with the boys in the intramural league. We double heart the fact that as ladies, we can do pretty much whatever the eff we wanna do now, and we realize that means that traditional relationships aren’t everyone’s preference anymore.

But where we get tripped up is when you confuse us, the modern woman, with some post-post-post modern reality show. Yeah we’re driven, ambitious, independent woman. But no, not all of us are into polyamory, polyfuckery or sisterwivery. Yes, we might be bad assed chicks, but that does not automatically mean that we’re cool with whatever “alternative” relationship you have in mind. And when we state our non-preference for whatever clusterfuck situation you’ve been dreaming of your whole man life, that DOES NOT make us any less progressive, modern or open minded.

Basically it’s different strokes for different folks. We get that some people’s idea of love doesn’t gel with our own. Just don’t go calling us June Cleaver if we’ve got a more traditional model in mind for ourselves. We’re supportive of anyone’s right to choose any relationship they want — and that is what makes us progressive, not whether or not we’re interested in being in an open relationship.

About the Guest Authors: Sarah and Nan

Sarah (on the right) is a former colleague of mine that I’ve managed to keep in touch with (despite her efforts to get rid of me) and Nan (on the left) is a close friend of Sarah. Together they co-author the blog CallMeCrazyBut where they give dating/relationship advice to guys based on their experiences. It’s very uncensored and edgy, I love it.

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  1. You ladies hit the nail on the head! Love it!