Guest Blog: Moving Past The First Date

heartThere’s nothing better than getting the first date, it’s an important stage of finding any relationship. It means that you can chat to each other, work out the vibe between the two of you and see if there is chemistry that could result in any future together.

Chances are that if you’ve sealed the 1st date then there must already be an element of attraction between you both. That’s great, and believe it or not, the hardest part is already over. Whoever asked who out doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’ve both shown an active interest in each other. What follows this is excitement and nervousness but for both parties, so no matter what you’re feeling it’s almost certain that your date is feeling exactly the same.

Although there isn’t a fool-proof way of getting a 2nd date, as sometimes you may just not gel, there are always ways to make sure that you can improve your chances. It’s a matter of putting in the effort.
It’s easy to be nervous, however, this must not detract from the overall enjoyment of the date. Be confident, but never cocky or over-confident, this can be perceived as rude and although confidence is an excellent personality trait it’s important to balance it out by showing interest in your date.

Ask questions and listen. It’s in some people’s nature to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk however in a date scenario it’s vital that there is communication both ways. If I’m totally truthful, if you have to show false interest in your date then it may not be worth pursuing a 2nd date. Be open and honest from the outset of your date, you will get found out eventually and no one wants a relationship based on lies. If this is found out later on down the line then you could have a serious problem on your hands. Listening is key, and a valuable skill to have, remembered this on your date and engage your date in conversation.

Dress well. This depends on the occasion; if you’re going white-water rafting then you may not want to dress up to the nines, however, if you’re following the more traditional route of a dinner date together then this is when making an effort counts. Ladies tend to struggle less when it comes to dressing up, however gents can’t go wrong with a suit but it is so important to make sure that it fits! There’s a handy guide for men available here.

Out of common courtesy, don’t play on your phone. Don’t tweet your date, don’t sit on Facebook, don’t text, don’t make any calls, don’t answer any calls (unless of course, it is an emergency). This just shows bad manners and a lack of interest in your date.
It’s a matter of showing an interest, being a good listener, and providing good company that will hopefully result in not just a second date but many more dates to come.

HollyAbout the Guest Author: Holly

Moving past the 1st date is written by Holly Dibb, Content Editor at House of Fraser. She is an avid writer and has been a writer for a few years thus far. If you’re interested to read more of Holly’s writing, visit House of Fraser. We at SM would like to thank Holly for her contribution to the site and wishes her success in her future endeavors.

2 Responses to Guest Blog: Moving Past The First Date

  1. I completely agree. If you want to have a second date, make sure that you give a great first impression on your first date. In this case, the saying “first impressions last” still applies. It does not only apply on the way you dress up or the way you look on the date, but also on how you handle the date and your personality during the date. If you both enjoyed then there si a great chance that you will see each other again.

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