Guest Blog: I’m Called Spatula Cuz I Flip STRAIGHT GIRLS…WHAT MEN DO WRONG

So once upon a time I had a conversation with my girl she said, “You know they call me Spatula.” I said, “Um why?” She said, “because I flip straight girls”. WOW!!! We’ve all seen it, especially in college. One charismatic female seems to be able to turn stable demographic of straight women inside out and my question becomes, why? What are you fellas doing wrong that women like Spatula use to their advantage?

Women are creatures that require attention. We talk…A LOT! But Spatula says in all of the conversation she pays attention to the detail, “Lets say one day a woman is talking and she randomly brings up she likes something small like hershey kisses almond. I will go find the biggest hershey kiss almond and give that to her like oh I was just in the store and I thought of you.”

She goes on to mention that after men have sex with someone or they feel like “they got you” or “you got them” (as one man told me) they stop doing the things they did in the beginning ie. Pulling out chairs, opening doors, calling etc. “When females see how I treat woman they look at their man like why don’t you do that for me. The females at my job always tell their men the stuff I do and try and get them to do it.”

Men overall do not pay attention to detail and to a woman detail is everything. I started to think back to when I fell the hardest for a man and remembered one specific instance where a guy didn’t know what to say to me when I was getting out of a not-so-good relationship and he played a song, Neyo’s “So You Can Cry”. The lyrics said, “I’ll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry. If that’s what you need alright.” Men have this “you’re upset so what are we gonna do about it to fix it” mentality. Sometimes -scratch that -most of the time a woman doesn’t want YOU to fix it. They just want to vent.

Sexually, men need to remember to take their sweet time. The more time spent being attentive to a woman’s reaction, the look in her eyes, the things that she doesn’t say are your most powerful weapons.

One time I passed three women in the hospital and all three were like “I love your haircut” and I smiled. Women always notice these things but when I walked out of the hospital and a young doctor said, “You got a hair cut. You look amazing.” I stopped. He smiled and kept walking. When a man does something like that a woman’s mind starts racing, “When did he see me? How long has he noticed me? My God, what do I look like right now?” You got her attention and that’s all it takes.

What’s the straw that breaks the camels back and causes women to switch teams?

“Most men (I won’t say all) lose interest in their woman me I see that and show them the attention they need without showing I am pursuing them.”

About the Guest Author: Danielle

Danielle is a regular on Seriously-Maybe. She’s back for a fourth time and I have a feeling…scratch that, it’s not going to be her last! She has a unique and savvy way of writing that makes it very enjoyable to read. She’s a college student pursing triple majors in English, Biology and Psychology. A veteran writer, slam poet and aspiring doctor, she’s looking forward to the mass publication of her short-story collaboration “Unbroken” and currently is working on an independent documentary. She also has her own blog for those who want to read more pieces by her, and check out all of her guest blogs on

9 Responses to Guest Blog: I’m Called Spatula Cuz I Flip STRAIGHT GIRLS…WHAT MEN DO WRONG

  1. this was my attempt to shed light on a different point of view i hope you enjoy.

  2. Great article danni 😉 i dont believe all straight women can be turned out but with time, persistence and affection you would be amazed on how fast she switches team 😉

  3. Love it Danielle… I can add about 100 more things to that list though 😉

  4. I gotta help you get this out there! I don’t think straight woman can be changed unless they were already curious but emotions are everything and once men realize that it will work in their favor!

    • i can’t agree more…you can’t start a fire without a spark…so oh girl was thinking before the flipping but you’re right if men paid attention more…they’d be the dominant gender and not us LOL

  5. Meh, women are equally as bad at drawing/maintaining men’s attention. Take your article, for example. How many guys have commented on it or even read it? Looks to me like I’m the first, and that’s only because I’m in a mood. Normally I would have skipped it with prejudice. This begs the question, do you want men to read it at all? Given that you go out of your way on how to explain to guys how to keep a woman’s interest, I’m gonna guess that you do, but you made a few mistakes. The biggest one is, you titled it, “What men do wrong”. Automatic turn off. No one wants to be told they’re doing something wrong, regardless of gender. You should have instead tried, “What men aren’t doing” or “What men need to do”. They key is to inform and correct without provoking a defense. Secondly, you place the entirety of a relationship on the guys, intentional or not. Relationships are a two way street and men aren’t the source of every woman’s problems. That needs to be acknowledged at some point, even if it isn’t the explicit topic of discussion.

  6. *yawn* After further consideration, this article has nothing to do with what men to do wrong. It has to do with how to steal a girl friend. ANYONE can do this. So you flipped a few straight women into the bi-curious zone for a few days. Nowhere in this article does it say you hung onto any of them. This has nothing to do with failing to hold on to a woman, it has to do with taking advantage of a woman who’s relationship is in a rocky spot. Big whoop. You can do it to a man too.

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