Guest Blog: An important step towards happiness in your relationship

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I have come to realize that most people are not really happy in their relationships. There is an all important step towards happiness in your relationship and that step is what I call; self appreciation. The world we are living currently is filled with stressful activities and uncertainty of the economy! Remember that there is a strong link between financial security, healthy economy, stress, job challenge and relationship approach.

It is a pity that the world we live gives most people very few opportunities to sincerely relate or connect with their lovers and this single factor is Seriously causing arguments and complains from the victim in the relationship. One thing I have come to discover recently is the rising rate of people complaining that their partner doesn’t appreciate their beauty. Well, women are those suffering more as a result of this ugly development. Many ladies have told me that their male partners don’t really tell them how good they are looking often. It is also important to point out that some men are also experiencing this in their relationships at least, I did.

Now, when you are down emotionally, it means you will not be happy even physically and you know what that means to your relationship-frustration, endless arguments, complains, fighting and even cheating! When you look at most of these people who complain about not receiving the deserve appreciation of their physical look from their partners, you will discover that they are always nagging. It is because they are frustrated and their relationships suffer for it.

I was once a victim of this and I read an article about appreciating myself and today, I’m really a happy person. My relationship is going fine and my partner doesn’t receive that mountain loads of complains and nagging. What is self appreciation?

To appreciate yourself means to adore your personality, to see the good qualities you have, to tell yourself that you’re looking beautiful, to believe in yourself, to discover yourself etc. You know how good we feel each time our partner looks at us and say: “you are looking good, beautiful, and exceptional”?  It makes us happy, but if your partner doesn’t say it always and you desire it often, you can feel dejected!

I urge you to start seeing the beautiful aspect of yourself. Remember that you cannot love your partner and express love fully to him/her if you haven’t loved yourself first. You must always look into the mirror and appreciate whatever you see there. You should be feeling good about yourself. Don’t rely so much on your partner to tell you how beautiful you are, say that to yourself too. Remember, once you are happy with yourself, you can easily be happy with others including your partner.

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6 Responses to Guest Blog: An important step towards happiness in your relationship

  1. I do agree that one must appreciate themselves, but I believe more importantly a reality check will help one better assess their relationship. If we are measuring our happiness on unrealistic expectations we will also be unhappy. i think realizing that no mate will be perfect, just as we ourselves are not, is the start to improving the perception of one’s relationship.

  2. I do agree with you that we must love ourselves before we can fully love someone else. People should learn to appreciate themselves and it will ultimately lead them to happiness and finding happiness with someone one else. They will learn that self appreciation will lead to a healthier relationship with minimal fights and arguments because they are happy within.

  3. Also agree that a person is much less willing and prepared to GIVE to others in a relationship until they can feel at peace with themselves and their own character and values.

    A person who achieves this attracts other quality people into their circle.

    This person is able to give love to others in ways those people need.

    This person does this because it is who they are and it’s what they do.

    This person is able to give without any expectation of GETTING something back.

    This person becomes overwhelmed with goodness and fulfillment they never expected.

  4. We are never victims of each other or the world around us. And so I agree, it’s not about depending on others to appreciate us in order to feel good about ourselves. Also, it’s not really about loving our personality or the way we look, although that’s certain lovely as well. That only becomes an issue when there are “limiting decisions,” from childhood, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not lovable,” and so on. Self-esteem issues, based on limiting decisions, are at the core of why people try to get their value through other people’s responses to them. But, as you point out in your blog, the solution comes from inside yourself rather than from how others respond to you.

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