Cold World

Young Woman Looking out the Window

What does not kill me
Can only make me stronger
Better yet, will make me colder.
Wonder why I give you the cold shoulder?
’Fuck it’ mentality as I get older
And I say it with pride now
Damn right I’m bolder
Good girl is gone
You can’t hold her
Life trials mold her
A wise man told her
Only the strong survive
Now she’s stronger

‘Fuck off’ on her forehead
Don’t approach her
No one to coach her
So she lost the battle of love
Now she’s colder
But the world calls that stronger?

Love sure ain’t kill her
But it made her a loner
No one to hold her
Alone in this world
Beautiful girl
Who knows her pain
Beside the window pane?

Its a cold world

Be blessed, spread love,

21 Responses to Cold World

  1. A truthful, provocative poem that says it like it is. Yes, the loneliness of heartbreak and devastation is a harsh reality. I didn’t know who I could trust. In my past naivety, I had believed the “happily ever after” story. I believed that if loved and did my best to show my love I would be happy. The rude wakening when I realized that this dream was untrue. I had no idea why this was happening to me. It was as if I lived in a fantasy and suddenly one day my dream had been stole. I had been rudely awakened to the harshness of life.

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Pamela, thank you so much for you well thought our response to my poem. I’m glad the poem hit home for you as it did for me.

  3. Kim, this is such an honest poem. Even though, I prefer looking at the bright side no matter what, this really hits home on the dark times of my life. Thank you for sharing! – Ritter

  4. Ritter, its my pleasure and thank you for sharing your comment!

  5. I really liked your post. you can visit my blog as well. Try to get sober from a relationship…..

  6. I love this part:
    Now she is colder……But the world calls that stronger

  7. Wow, Sober, I just read your blog. You share some really deep feelings on there. Thanks for reading my blog, I really think this poem and what you wrote on Sober day 1 really coincide in thought and feelings. Thanks for sharing your comment and your blog site with us. Be blessed

  8. Nice honest poem, shows real truth to society at large and what they perceive strength in an individual as.

    Though maybe the ability to take these experiences that mould you and still remain with that human- sensitivity would or at least should be the strength we look to nurture in individuals.
    To see an individual has understood the “weaknesses” they may have and been able to make them into strengths.

    Keep at it.

  9. Thank you JT

  10. “Love sure ain’t kill her, But it made her a loner”
    Beautiful poem. But I hope we as women will never choose bitterness, depression and anger as way to live. Its okay to dwell on this emotions temporarily because it is normal but to let the emotion take control of our lives is not the right thing to do.

    The definition of “strong” is meant for those who were able to choose positive over negative. Take time to heal but let us not allow the person who hurt us gain control over our lives because we all deserved to be loved.

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  12. Wow powerful poem!…. I can relate to those words, that described me at about age 25. Once a upon a time life through many challenging trials my way so I became colder… yes.. bitter yes.‘Fuck off’ on her forehead yes.. a loner . ..

    Thank goodness that cloud is gone!…I grew older and wiser… Learned that trust is earned and grows as relationships mature, learned my heart and soul could heal if I learned the lesson from each failure, so I didn’t repeat the mistakes in allowing the same types of people to create havoc in my life and I shook the bitterness by changing my way of thinking, replaced bitter thoughts with positive thoughts. The most important lesson learned with the years was to trust ( like I having been hurt before) and love unconditionally again and because of that, I received the same in return…..

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  14. great poem, it is truly touching and very true, indeed!

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  16. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. More poetry to come!

  17. My new girlfriend is pregnant she just move in with me and my 16 yo daughter with her two children 9 and 7. I like her a lot I feel in love. Am I wrong to feel hurt that she would put a family photo with her ex and kids and herself in the kids room? I have a lot of questions if anyone can give me their opinion. Thank you

  18. Love is not always about the pleasure but also about the pain, the pain that you have to endure when some one walks all over the heart that you have given them, I love this poem you say it as it is.

  19. Janiel, thanks for your genuine response about love. It’s a profound and truthful message that love coincides with pleasure as well as pain.

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