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4 Most Common Reasons for a Breakup

Love is in the air. Sometimes it abruptly disappears into thin air. Not every couple can explain what happen to their passion and where everything started to go wrong. A breakup is something no one ever liked but it eventually becomes the only possible solution to move on. So don’t be distressed and just live through this. With the help of our gorgeous friends from Brides Stars, we have gathered four most common reasons for a breakup. Some of them … Continue reading

Have you ever had couples fight about sleep problems? Maybe where one partner is too hot and turns on the noisy fan, while the other is freezing cold. We at are please to inform you about SlumberCloud! SlumberCloud is an innovative bedding line that controls temperature balance to help provide the most comfortable sleeping experience you’ll ever have. SlumberCloud was founded to help people enjoy a better night’s sleep, and since we spend one third of our lives in … Continue reading

Guest Post: Young Women & Self-Love

Depending on how we’re brought up, we’re all told different things regarding the normalcy and appropriateness of self-love (also called solo sex or masturbation). In some religious households or environments in which authority figures are more conservative-minded, for example, self-love can be frowned upon, particularly as it concerns teenagers and young adults. In more secular, casual, or liberal-minded environments, however, self-love can be encouraged, or even simply ignored, in a way that each individual can choose for herself. Neither environment, … Continue reading

SPONSORED POST: IT’S TIME TO ACCESSORIZE YOUR LOVE LIFE We recently came across this new brand of adult accessories for your love life. And we were lucky enough to receive one of their Love Boxes. has a large offering of tasteful and affordable toys and accessories. They feature sex toys, massage collections, intimate lubricants, bondage accessories and books. Whether you’re just fond of romantic massage sessions with your partner, or you want to experiment with a new toy, Hello Cheri provides tips on how to try out … Continue reading

Sponsored Post: 5 Fun Free Sex Performance Adult Android Apps for Men

An Android sex performance app is essential to conducting man business. Actually, you need more than one fun, free adult Android app to master every angle, to really grow and penetrate new markets. And as with any well-managed business, measurement is key. We sifted through dozens of Android adult apps to find our Top 5 contenders. (To be fair, we excluded our own FREE Sex Speed and Score App from the competition.) You can download all these sex apps free … Continue reading

Sponsored Post:Top five reasons to try adult dating sites

Top five reasons to try adult dating sites. Free sex dating sites could be the answer to meeting ALL your needs You have probably seen the rise in sites such as, and may have used one yourself, but it can be overwhelming whe you first start out, so to make it easier for you and to show you adult dating sites could be the answer to meeting all of your needs, read on as we give you the top … Continue reading

This Animated Video Shows the Wild Economics of Sex

The news: Have you ever wondered what sex is really worth? Here’s an interesting video done by The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture which discusses the economics of sex. The video highlights research they’ve compiled from various social scientists, and animates them into a lively and accessible 10-minute short. The video seeks to explain how sexual relationships function as their own “supply and demand” economy. Check it out Below: ) Just to add, a friend of … Continue reading

Reasons We Watch Porn…

Earlier today I had an argument with my girlfriend about a comment I made regarding porn. I simply said I still watch it here and there, but she did not take kindly to that remark (some things are just better left unsaid). She questioned my reason for watching it especially since we are active and I gave her many reasons for doing so. She gave me the platform and here was my chance to justify my reasons. First off, I … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Another year almost in the books! Like every year, we at Seriously Maybe wants to wish all our supporters a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Why You Can’t Have Good Sex With A Christian

You cannot have good sex with a Christian. There, I said it. It had to be said. The experiences I’ve had with very devout Christians have all been the same. Whack! If it happened once, I would call it a fluke. If it only happened twice it would be a strange pattern. Three times makes it a rule. Christian women do not perform as well in the bedroom as non-Christians. Before you start tearing my head off in the comments, … Continue reading