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4 Most Common Reasons for a Breakup

Love is in the air. Sometimes it abruptly disappears into thin air. Not every couple can explain what happen to their passion and where everything started to go wrong. A breakup is something no one ever liked but it eventually becomes the only possible solution to move on. So don’t be distressed and just live through this. With the help of our gorgeous friends from Brides Stars, we have gathered four most common reasons for a breakup. Some of them … Continue reading

Have you ever had couples fight about sleep problems? Maybe where one partner is too hot and turns on the noisy fan, while the other is freezing cold. We at are please to inform you about SlumberCloud! SlumberCloud is an innovative bedding line that controls temperature balance to help provide the most comfortable sleeping experience you’ll ever have. SlumberCloud was founded to help people enjoy a better night’s sleep, and since we spend one third of our lives in … Continue reading

Review Post: Free Dating America Online Dating Review

Online dating attracts millions of single people in hopes of solving the mystery of romantic chemistry that eludes most people in their life-times. One of the main draw cards that attracts an online dater is the theory that an Internet dating site will make finding a love match simple. Those people who adopt this attitude usually walk away disappointed and despondent with what they assumed would be a walk in the park. The motto behind online dating is simple, you … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Another year almost in the books! Like every year, we at Seriously Maybe wants to wish all our supporters a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Keep A Leash On Her!

I might get a lot of heat for this article, but Seriously fellas, we have to do better. We are letting our women run wild. No more respect, no trust, and more importantly NO CONTROL. Just the other day, I read about the Anthony Weiner scandal and I was shocked. It wasn’t because of what he did; it was because of how he was caught. His career as a politician is now in shambles, all because he was being a … Continue reading

The Dilemma: I Caught Your Girl Cheating

I saw the movie “The Dilemma” the other night and it had me thinking about what I would do in that situation. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is a quick summary (without spoiling it for you): Vince Vaughn’s character catches his best friend’s wife cheating with another man and throughout the movie he tries to find the best way to tell him. Now, if I wrote the script this movie would have been about 10 minutes … Continue reading

No Honor Amongst Friends: Keep Her Away from Me

The other day a friend of mine asked me to pick up a girl that he’s talking to and bring her to his house. My first thought was, “Really? Am I your personal car you could send on errands?” Then I thought about the half an hour ride I would have with the moderately attractive young lady that I had a dream about the day after I met her. So I told him I’ll do it … Before the conversation … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Why it Never Pays to Cheat

One day while riding the A, I met this extremely attractive woman and we decided to exchange numbers. After a couple of weeks of talking on the phone, I realized that I was really beginning to like her. Aside from the fact that for some reason she never seemed to answer her phone after 7pm; I’d say she was pretty much everything I was looking for in a woman. I figured hey, so what if she goes to sleep way … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!!!

This is definitely out the ordinary, but we at Seriously Maybe wants to wish all our supporters a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

10 Subtle Signs to Know If You’re The Side Chick

1) His phone NEVER rings If you’re with someone throughout the day and you never seen them reach for their phone, you’re the side chick. Who carries a phone and doesn’t receive at least one phone call or text message throughout the day. It could be on silent (no sound or vibration) or it’s completely off, either way he’s not talking on the phone around you. What is he hiding? 2) His phone is usually uncharged, about to die or … Continue reading