Can a Friendship Exist After a Relationship Is Over

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again. All things must come to a beginning and when something begins something else usually ends. Which brings me to the topic for today. I want to talk about what happens after a relationship is over.

I like to believe that the two people that were once one are now two new people and the spirit of their relationship goes off to heaven where it is rewarded for all the goodness it has brought to the world using those two people as conduits. Isn’t that nice? I could just see Bob Ross creating a happy little painting using the relationship spirit as inspiration. Let’s take a moment and appreciate how good that sounds….

Okay the moment is over let’s get back to reality. In my experience I’ve had very few successful post mortem relationships with women I have previously been involved with. It’s always a little weird. Regardless of how the relationship ends I never hold grudges. I may want to distance myself from that person (sometimes for my own safety), but rarely would I do something drastic like, remove them from my Facebook friend’s list.

Where does the weirdness come from? Is it the fact that you’ve seen their “OH” face many times or that they know all your embarrassing secrets, like at one point in your life you wanted to be a magician and walked around wearing magic gloves all day? Maybe it’s the way that it ended. What ever that weirdness is, I don’t think it ever goes away.

So what do you do when you’re trying to maintain a friendship with someone you were once involved with and there is awkwardness lurking? I honestly don’t know but what I would do is ignore it and hope it never comes up in a conversation. I am not too good to avoid awkward situations. What would you do?

4 Responses to Can a Friendship Exist After a Relationship Is Over

  1. I agree that after a relationship is over, give me my distance. I do not want to see or talk to you. It is not because I hate the person or anything like that. Sometimes it helps to move on from a situation when they are not around to constantly remind you. I do think that friendships are very possible. You just need two mature people who do not hold grudges.

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  3. I would say that friendship is possible but lingering feelings likely still exist for one person. But friendship involves truly caring about a person so I feel that if you had something special with that individual it is hard to step away from that and cut off all support.

  4. Well, I’m not so sure about this. Maybe, I can say that only time can tell. Because, Im not that type of person who remains sport after a break up. Because, if I do so, it’s like that i’m just hurting myself more and more and it will be so hard for me to move on. I only need a lot of space at first, without any contact or any communication that will make me realize and look back our past. I just don’t know, ‘coz I haven’t experienced it yet. But one thing is for sure..only time can tell.