5 Tips to Keep Her Hooked

I’m always telling the ladies how to be better/more attractive to both prospects looking to bag and boyfriends losing interest. It’s time that I reveal some of my secrets to help the fellas out there be better in relationships. Guys I know you don’t want to hear this. I know you already know EVERYTHING there is to know about women. I assumed that to be true for a long time. But I’ve been talking to my lady friends and apparently this is not the case. You guys need some help. The following are some tips to help you be more desirable to your current girlfriend and women in general.

#1 Pay for Everything
If you’re one of those guys who argue, “Women want equal rights, why can’t they equally pay for dinner.” then I’m talking to you. It is the man’s role to be the provider. Your woman should feel taken care of when she’s around you at all times. “Paying for everything” means offering to pay for everything because you can (or should be able to). This shows her that you are capable of being the provider for the both of you. Offer to pay for everything that you two share together whether it be a meal or weekend getaway. Some women may not let you pay for everything and that’s a good sign. This means you have a independent woman on your hands. You probably won’t come out of your pockets all the time but the ratio should be somewhere around 75/25.

#2 Work Out
You have to keep yourself in shape to remain desirable to your lady. She may say that it doesn’t matter and she’s probably right. Just like having a sundae without whipped cream doesn’t matter but with it, the sundae is a lot more appealing. Having a body that she can brag about to her friends is better than not.

#3 Birthdays and Holidays are Important
DON’T EVER FORGET THEM! And get an awesome gift. For guidance on gift giving read 3 Tips to Gift Giving.

#4 Small Random Gifts Are the Best
Unexpected gifts have more impact than expected ones. It shows that you are thinking about them more than what is expected. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that says you care and that you listen to her. Getting that message across is important.

#5 Give Her Space
You do not need to ask 21 questions every time she goes out with friends. Being overprotective or jealous is a sure sign of insecurity in yourself. If you are naturally a jealous person, hide it. If you think she’s cheating or something like that, she probably is. Your best move is to move on. But I guarantee if you follow the tips above, she won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

3 Responses to 5 Tips to Keep Her Hooked

  1. this is a great topic. i love the ideas. i feel you hit the nail on the head on every tip. as a woman, i can confirm on the unexpected gift thing, yes this feel so much better then the expected ones. nice article. very interesting topic, kept me going.

  2. Thanks Kim, i’m glad you agreed… now only if we could get guys to follow the tips above (which they probably wont)

  3. I disagreed so much with this article that I couldn’t resist a response. First of all, this is the way to keep a woman happy who has trouble keeping herself happy. Pay for everything? Buy her gifts? Giver her the right present on the days that count? Really? Most women in this day and age are self sufficient. It’s a movement and a transition that we’re making as a whole society. And, even if not all women have entirely embraced the GRRR in GIRL. They’re pretending to! As a result, 3/5 tips to keeping a woman happy are moot. Yes, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do to OFFER to pay for EVERYTHING, but it’s also nice to simply make the girl feel gratified when she wants to take care of it. Let’s say, she pays for dinner, and you’re walking past a flower shop, pick up a pretty gerbera, pay for it, and say “Thanks for dinner.” Women don’t want your pocketbook, they want the romance behind the gesture of, “no, I got this.” If all women wanted was a “provider” we’d date our fathers or older men with fatter wallets. As for buying random surprise presents, well, this goes right back to the old-school intentions of giving gifts. What’s the message behind this particular gift? What’s the Quid Pro Quo? Make sure that if and when you give a gift, the message is clear and the intentions sincere. As for making holidays and birthdays special, well, that’s an obvious one! Now, what really makes a girl tick? romance, spontaneous passion, amazing sex. Rock her world… practice going down on her so that each time you do it, you get better and better. Study her body, its reactions… what does she enjoy? What makes her feel sexy? Put your hand up her skirt when nobody is looking and when she’s least expecting it. Kiss her neck and rub up against her!! EVERY girl will act COY but every girl loves to feel desired. If you’re not the one making her feel wanted and desirable, then you better believe another man is doing the job for you. When you are sexing your girl, you better make sure your number one turn on is getting her off. If you get worked by her boobies bouncing, then, you better believe you’re going to be cumming before she is, which, is a recipe for disaster. The less frequent you make her cum, the more likely she is to live an unhappy life by your side. And no matter how much you love her, gift her, give her space, or remember special anniversaries, baby-she’ll find that passion elsewhere.